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Avon is an additional town located on Hatteras Island down on Nc-12. Historically, this town was referred to as “Kinnakeet” which translates to “that which is mixed” in Algonquin. English settlers and the native tribes to the area are the ones who were mixed. This mixing is important because leads to the establishment of the Outer Banks and North Carolina as a colony. 

Although the Avon Fishing pier is one of the more famous piers in the Outer Banks, their main industry is not heavily reliant on fishing. Instead, boat building is more essential. On Hatteras Island, cedar and live oak trees are in abundance and contribute to nearly all of the boats made in the past inside the town. Out all of the towns on Hatteras Island, Avon always brought the most income. 

Today, Avon brings fun to every family that vacations there. Restaurants are scattered throughout the town, kite flying, and walks on the beach to collect seashells are a popular pastime Plus, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is a short drive away!

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