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Beach vacations on the Outer Banks are all about relaxation, but lugging chairs, umbrellas, and beach gear can take away from that laid-back vibe. That’s where beach setup services come in – and Farmdog is the premier company providing this convenient amenity.

Farmdog Beach Service takes the hassle out of your beach days by setting up all your gear for you each morning right in your ideal spot on the sand. Just imagine waking up and strolling out to find your beach chairs, umbrellas, and even coolers already arranged in a primo location.

No more hauling heavy equipment from your rental house or condo. No more arguing over who gets the best spot. And no more dealing with setting everything up yourself while the hot sun beats down. With Farmdog, it’s all done for you by friendly, professional staff.

As the largest and most experienced beach service on the Outer Banks, Farmdog has the equipment and manpower to handle jobs of any size – from a simple couple’s setup to massive multi-family outings. All gear is top-quality and cleaned between uses.

The company’s extensive local knowledge ensures you’ll get a fantastic spot based on your preferences like proximity to lifeguards, the best sun/shade mix, or nearest to amenities. Farmdog’s team arrives early to stake out prime real estate so you can show up whenever you’re ready.

Setting up and breaking down beach equipment is a time-consuming hassle, especially when your vacation should be focused on quality time with family and friends. Farmdog eliminates that headache while also providing peace of mind.

You’ll never have to worry about leaving expensive gear unattended or unsecured when you need to run inside. Farmdog has it covered until you return.

With a range of affordable packages including chairs, umbrellas, canopies, and more, Farmdog makes outfitting your beach outing easier than ever. They even offer fun accessories to keep kids entertained in the sand all day.

There’s no better way to maximize your beach time and soak up every moment of your hard-earned Outer Banks vacation. Book Farmdog’s premium beach setup service and make this your most hassle-free, relaxing beach getaway yet! Use our booking widget above to reserve your spot on the sand today.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does beach setup work on the Outer Banks?
    • It’s simple! By booking your beach setup service using the widget above, you can secure your visit dates where the team at Farmdog will come to both set up and take down your equipment each day to adhere to local town ordinances. No cramming beach chairs in your car to get here or lugging them around each day on your part!
  • What time do my canopy, umbrellas, and/or chairs get set up?
    • Set up is before 10am and take down is after 5pm.*
  • What type of beach setup services are available?
    •  Farmdog offers beach chairs, beach umbrellas, and canopies for setup. You can even add fun additions like a cooler full of ice to make your setup complete!
  • How much does beach setup service cost on the OBX?
    • Prices vary, with daily and weekly options available. There are many factors that influence the price including services ordered, quantity required, and the location of your stay.*
  • Why should I book with FarmDog Beach Services?
    • Farmdog’s service is second to none. You’re also supporting a local OBX business! Farmdog started as a surf school founded by Robert Farmer in 2009, operating out of a local surf shop and truck. In 2013, they moved into their first building in Nags Head’s Gallery Row, expanding into beach gear rentals, a coffee shop, and retail. Today, their headquarters house Farmdog Beach Services, offering convenient, high-quality beach setups including paddleboard/chair/umbrella/cabana rentals. While their business has evolved, their mission remains – promoting an active outdoor lifestyle and sharing their love for the Outer Banks with loyal customers.

*Please refer to the booking widget and terms therein for the latest details regarding beach setup services.