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Outer Banks Beach Setup Service Review

beach setup service including a cabana and beach chairs

Howdy, OBX fans!


I’d like to share my experience with you from my FIRST time using a beach setup service on the Outer Banks.

For starters, my family has been visiting for over 50 years from Pennsylvania and generally load our vehicles up with every item imaginable for a fun-filled week at the beach. This includes decades-old beach chairs, umbrellas, umbrella stakes, you name it. By the time we set sail and hit the highway, you’re lucky to be able to see anything out of your rearview mirror.

Know the feeling? It’s exciting leading up to your arrival on the Outer Banks… until you need to actually get your spot on the beach for the day!

Over the past five years or so, I had become aware of equipment rental companies on the beach offering to actually set up your gear, not just rent it out to you. The concept was very interesting. I have been to beaches in Florida and others where resorts set up umbrellas and chairs daily and it seemed very convenient. How would this play out on the Outer Banks?

After looking over our packing list for a few weeks, we decided to give our faithful rooftop carrier a break this year, pack MUCH less in the car, and reach out to Farmdog Beach Services to arrange what would be our first-ever setup service. 😃

canopy and beach chair setup on the Outer Banks

Picture this: You’ve had a restful night’s sleep in your beach house, enjoyed a light breakfast and hot cup of coffee (or two) on the deck watching the dolphins dance through the waves 🐬 , then leisurely stroll to the sun-kissed beach to see your perfectly arranged shade and comfort for the day already prepared for you. That feeling did not get old, any day of the week!

Yes, this was our welcoming view each day of the week! 🏖

As a habitual hauler of the chairs, umbrellas, stakes, coolers, fishing rods, etc. from the house, words cannot express how relieving it was to just be able to go out to the beach and enjoy a seat and shade whenever you wanted to.

By 10 am each morning we had our basecamp ready to go. It was awesome! Everyone remarked each time we came down to the beach how convenient it was. Not only did we not wrestle all sorts of equipment out of storage and drive it hundreds of miles along with us, but we didn’t need to haul it to and from the beach every day.

Watching other beachgoers set up their equipment hours later in the hot sun seemed excruciating compared to this treatment we were experiencing! Anyone who’s set up a canopy in the sand before can relate to the frustrations that can arise, and getting your umbrella secured enough to stand up to a strong breeze can also pose a challenge at times.

Our canopy and chairs were rugged, to say the least. The chairs were comfortable and the canopy setup held up to both calm and strong winds like a champ.

One of the biggest fans was my son. He’s 2.5 years old, and like any parents with young kids, we wanted to limit his sun exposure with extended time at the beach.

He enjoyed simply crossing up over the “sand hill” and getting right to his favorite play spot for the day. A little ocean water in his new toy wagon made for the perfect entertainment while keeping him shaded!


We couldn’t have asked for better weather that week, better company, or a more convenient way to enjoy our beach time without the hassles that come along with chairs and shade.

Being able to limit our packing for the trip was priceless. If you think about the space chairs, coolers, and canopies/umbrellas can take in your vehicle, it really adds up. I was able to see out the rearview mirror this trip! 🤣

Secondly, not hauling our equipment to and from the beach each morning and evening was priceless. It was a luxury we’d not experienced before vacationing to the Outer Banks but one that we could get used to!

The service from Farmdog was also stellar. They sent a text and photo on the first day of the setup (day after check-in) which was a really nice personal touch. The setup was always timely and the staff was super friendly.

If you’ve not put it together by now after reading my review, I highly recommend considering a beach setup service from Farmdog for your next visit to the Outer Banks. I’m very confident that once you try it, you’ll love it. You’ll be able to savor extra time in the mornings and evenings just being with your family and friends, have MUCH less to haul in your vehicle, and also be supporting a pretty awesome local business.

Until next time,


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