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An Evening Out on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks (OBX), a sliver of paradise in North Carolina, is not just about the panoramic ocean views, historic lighthouses, and adventurous water sports. It’s also a haven for food enthusiasts looking to enjoy a relaxed evening with flavors that tantalize the senses. Whether you’re craving freshly caught seafood, classic American fare, or innovative dishes that blend traditional and modern tastes, the Outer Banks has a plethora of casual dining spots that promise an unforgettable evening out. Let’s explore some of the best establishments where you can unwind and indulge in the area’s culinary delights.

The Blue Moon Beach Grill – Nags Head

The Blue Moon Beach Grill extends an invitation to indulge in what they like to call a “once in a blue moon experience.” This isn’t just about dining; it’s about embracing a moment that’s as rare and delightful as a blue moon itself. With a vibrant and eclectic decor that immediately sets a whimsical tone, guests are welcomed into a space where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

Transcending traditional culinary boundaries, the menu at The Blue Moon Beach Grill tells a tale of fusion – where classic Southern comfort collides with contemporary culinary techniques and local flavors. The result is an array of diverse, palate-pleasing dishes created with meticulous detail and fresh, local produce, reflecting the essence of the OBX coastline.

The real heroes of the menu are its stand-out entrées. The shrimp and grits—the quintessential Southern dish—served here takes the familiar warmth of traditional cooking and fuses it with a dash of innovation. The result is a comforting, flavorful dish that allows you to appreciate shrimp, a true treasure of the local waters, in a unique way.

The Chicken Cordon Blue Moon is another gem that speaks volumes of the restaurant’s commitment to perfect flavors. The perfect blend of crispiness on the outside and delectable inside, creates a pleasant explosion of flavors, ensuring a memorable culinary journey.

While the dessert options await discovery, the preceding courses assure that any conclusion to this dining story will be equally memorable, tying the evening together in a bow of culinary delight.

NC Coast Grill and Bar – Duck

NC Coast Grill & Bar emerges as a modern culinary destination that brings together the best of coastal dining with innovative twists. Situated in Duck, North Carolina, with stunning views of the Currituck Sound, this restaurant isn’t just a place to eat; it’s an experience designed to envelop guests in the very essence of waterfront living.

The moment you step into NC Coast Grill & Bar, you’re greeted with a breathtaking view that promises unforgettable sunset dinners and leisurely lunches right on the Duck Boardwalk. But the beauty of this place goes beyond its location. With boat dockage and outdoor dining options, it’s perfectly equipped for those looking to dine amidst the charm and ease of the Outer Banks lifestyle.

Crafted to satisfy wide-ranging palates, the menu teems with audacious and delightful options. Starters like the rich, soulful NC Coast Gumbo or the refreshing Baby Beet Salad set the stage for an unforgettable meal. The Sexy Southern Caesar reimagines a classic with its unique ingredients, while small plates like the Mexican Poutine and ‘Go-Gho’ Fried Cauliflower offer a creative twist on traditional favorites. Seafood lovers will rejoice at the succulent Steamed Crab Legs and Ocean Infused entrees, where dishes like the Crab Cake Bubble & Squeak and Red Sky’s Classic Shrimp ‘N Grits steal the spotlight. Meat enthusiasts aren’t left behind, with offerings like the Tomahawk Chop and an impressive NC Grass Fed and Finished Heritage Beef Ribeye. The menu also thoughtfully accommodates vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free dietary needs, ensuring every guest experiences the joy of dining at NC Coast Grill & Bar. 

TRIO Restaurant and Market – Kitty Hawk

Trio Restaurant and Market enchants diners with casually inventive fare, where each dish is a testament to flavor and craftsmanship. With tables and bar seating both in the bustling main area and the relaxed upstairs mezzanine, TRiO offers a variety of environments suitable for any occasion, from intimate dates to lively group gatherings.

The dinner scene is particularly vibrant, boasting a menu that features an array of gourmet cheeses and charcuterie boards perfect for sharing, alongside fresh, imaginative salads and hearty paninis. With small plates artfully presented, guests might find themselves savoring the likes of seared scallops on parsnip puree or warm goat cheese tartlets.

The entrees elevate the experience further with luxurious options such as Lobster Mac & Cheese or a perfectly seasoned Grass-Fed Ribeye. To round off the feast, house-made desserts like a decadent Chocolate Truffle Cake await to satisfy any sweet craving. Beyond the plates, the market offers an extensive collection of wines and craft beers, ensuring that patrons can take a piece of TRiO’s epicurean paradise home.

TRiO provides an exceptional experience that encapsulates the gourmet splendor of the Outer Banks.

The Paper Canoe – Duck

The Paper Canoe stands as a beacon of exquisite dining amidst the natural beauty of the Outer Banks. With its inviting atmosphere, this waterfront gem has become a favorite dining destination for both visitors and locals alike, seeking an unforgettable new American gourmet experience.

At the heart of The Paper Canoe’s ethos is the commitment to fresh food, prepared simply yet with undeniable passion. The chefs here work wonders, transforming locally sourced ingredients into masterpieces that not only captivate your eyes but also amaze your taste buds. From hand-crafted pasta to the freshest Outer Banks seafood and rustic wood oven specialties, the ever-changing menu is a true reflection of the season’s best offerings. The Paper Canoe Ravioli with Lump Blue Crab meat and the house made parmesan cream sauce is spectacular.

The allure of The Paper Canoe is not just in its culinary delights. Its prime location right on Route 12, tucked cosily between the charming town of Duck and the serene Sanderling area, offers diners not just a meal, but an experience. As you enjoy the flavors of the Outer Banks, the panoramic views of the Currituck Sound serve as the perfect backdrop, enriching your dining journey with breathtaking vistas.

Kill Devil Grill – Kill Devil Hills

Kill Devil Grill

Casting a nostalgic glance into the past, the Kill Devil Grill’s ambiance effortlessly transports you to the golden era of the ’50s. The memorabilia-studded walls showcase a collection of keepsakes and trinkets that reflect the classic age of traditional American diners, enhancing the charm and authenticity of your dining experience.

Renowned for serving the best of the Outer Banks, the famed KDH Cheeseburger and the local legend – daily fish specials, are unmissable components of their cherished menu. The full-bodied flavors found in the dishes are the fruits of masterful cooking techniques, fresh local produce, and the love and passion that the chefs hold for their culinary craftsmanship.

No dining experience at Kill Devil Grill is complete without a taste of their dessert offerings. The high praises sung for the Key Lime Pie are far from baseless—a perfect blend of tanginess and sweetness nestles within a crumbly homemade crust, yielding a dessert choice that harmonizes perfectly with the diner’s rich culinary presentation, making it an almost mandatory end to a delightful meal.

Basnight’s Lone Cedar Cafe – Nags Head

Immerse yourself in the rich, maritime heritage of the Outer Banks with a dining experience at Basnight’s Lone Cedar Cafe, your premier destination for waterfront dining. The Lone Cedar Cafe prides itself on offering an authentic taste of the coast, prioritizing freshness, locality, and quality in every dish served.

At the heart of Lone Cedar Cafe’s menu lies an unwavering dedication to serving the freshest seafood caught daily from local waters. Delight your palate with the catch of the day, cooked to perfection, showcasing the natural flavors of the sea. From succulent clams and crabs to tender shrimp and oysters, the Cafe ensures that the ocean’s bounty is celebrated in every bite.

Vegetables freshly picked from North Carolina farms, and herbs grown in their chemical-free garden on-site, make their way to your plate. This not only supports local farmers but also guarantees that the ingredients in your meals are of the highest quality and freshness.

Beyond the menu, Lone Cedar Cafe offers an ambiance filled with warm Southern hospitality and panoramic views of the Roanoke Sound. The Basnight family and their dedicated staff welcome diners to enjoy delicious food, gorgeous sunsets, and the playful antics of the resident ospreys.

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An evening out on the Outer Banks is a unique blend of natural beauty, culinary delights, and coastal charm. By choosing to vacation with Village Realty, you’re not just booking a rental; you’re securing a doorway to an experience that embodies the heart and soul of the Outer Banks. 

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