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Here is what a few of our owners wanted to share at a recent Owner Party!

An owner new to our program recently emailed:

"I don't know what magic formula you're using to rent the house, but we've NEVER had rentals like this, especially this early in the year. In the past our house did not begin to rent until late February. And the last rentals for the season were booked in May - June. We were always the last ones to book, our realty company told us so."
- Margi, Owner of a four-bedroom Oceanside home in Corolla

One owner who recently sold his home told us:

"I would like to thank you for all your endeavors representing our home rental and I will certainly use Village for any of my future OBX rental needs. Having used other agencies on the Outer Banks for both rental and listing services you guys are the 'Best'. I enjoyed working with you and all of the Village Staff."
- LC, Owner of a five-bedroom Oceanside home in Corolla

A long-time guest of Village Realty listed their new home with us:

"We have rented from you guys for years and years and years, until we got the chance to buy this home. And we are just tickled to death. And you guys do a great job and we thank you for it."
- Corolla Light Homeowner of a 5 Bedroom Home

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I sleep well at night knowing that my two million dollar asset is managed with care as if it were owned by Village Realty.


We know we can count on Village to represent our homes better than anyone on the OBX. From start to finish - reservations, housekeeping, maintenance, management - Village is simply the best.


We were paid so much earlier... not only does that make cash flow easier, it allows us to book more weeks.