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Corolla Pop Up Picnics

Corolla Pop Up Picnics is now offering luxury picnic accommodations in the OBX! Whether it be a proposal, birthday, anniversary, date, milestone, bridal party, or just time with loved ones, we will provide a picture-perfect, luxury picnic setup, so you can focus more on enjoying your occasion.

You can choose our standard luxury picnic set up and customize it with your preferences and our many add-on options, or order up one of our curated packages with all the details already designed! Visit us at and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest!

Corolla Pop Up Picnics

Corolla Pop Up Picnics is a Village VIP Partner and provides an exclusive deal to our guests. When reserving your picnic, mention you are a Village Realty guest & receive a FREE bakery box add-on (a $50 value) with your picnic.


Phone Number: 717.891.8248