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Tips from the Locals for Your Outer Banks Vacation

Tips from the Locals for Your Outer Banks Vacation
  • Take the Beach Road in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head when you can. Learn the side streets so you can maneuver and get where you want to go safely. 
  • Unless you are at a stop light, it can be really difficult in the summer to make a left turn onto the Bypass. Why stress, make a right, then get into the turning lane when you can, make a left, and then get onto a side street or parking lot, make a right and there you are. Less frustrating and a lot safer. 
  • Do your grocery shopping early, early in the morning or after 9 pm.  Trust me. 
  • Know the address of the vacation home you are renting. In case of emergency you will need to let the first responders know where you are
  • It is a good idea to go ahead and the Non-Emergency Policy department numbers in your cell phone now, before you get here. 
  • Kill Devil Hills: 252.449.5337.    Corolla: 252.453.8204.     Kitty Hawk: 252.261.3895     Duck: 252.261.1112 or 252.473.3444    Southern Shores: 252.261.3331    Nags Head: 252.441.6386
  • Don’t ever, ever use the center lane of US158 (the Big Road) to stand and try to wait for an opening to walk to the other side. DON’T DO IT. Same for those riding a bike. 
  • Cross at intersections and crosswalks
  • When you are driving on the Beach Road, pay attention the those yellow signs, pedestrian crosswalks. Stop. Let the people cross the beach road
  • Saturdays and Sundays are the least busy nights for restaurants because it is a check in-check out day. So, the perfect day for you to have a nice meal when it is not as busy. 
  • From The Wright Memorial Bridge down to Hatteras Inlet, the Outer Banks is marked with Milepost markers. There are vertical green signs with white numbers placed every mile along US158 (the bypass/big road) and NC 12 (Beach Road) from Kitty Hawk south. If you are not sure where a shop or restaurant is located, or even where a friend might be staying, find out the milepost number and keep an eye out for the number. Very helpful. Never be shy about asking questions about where some place is or best way to get there. That is what we are here for!
    • Ask your rental company for restaurant recommendations. Let them know if you have small children who need to eat early so they can give you kid friendly suggestions. 
    • It is less expensive to eat lunch out than dinner and often the portions are so big you have leftovers. 
    • Skip the buffets, go to a good restaurant and order the seafood platter. 
    • Watch your kids at all times while on the beach. Even if your little ones are only wading in the surf and the ocean looks calm, they can get knocked off their feet by a wave. 
    • If your favorite beach spot is near a pier, stay at least 300 feet away when you are suring or swimming. 
    • When you are out to dinner or lunch, put those cell phones in the middle of the table and communicate with each other. First one to pick up their phone has to pay the tab
    • OK, that is enough for this edition. If you have any questions, please give us a call. 855.585.8811


    Until Next Time, 
    Your Outer Banks Blogger