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Outer Banks Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is one of the easiest ways to fish on the Outer Banks. Just head out to the beach with your rod and some bait and you’ll be enjoying some relaxing recreation in no time! Remember, you will need a Coastal Recreational Fishing License to fish on the beaches of the Outer Banks for every day out of the year except for July 4th. You can pick yours up at any bait and tackle store or even buy them online.


Fishing is always better in the early morning or late afternoon. Fishing around the tide changes also helps your chances.

Just about every species of fish that swim around in the surf can be caught on a simple bottom rig, available at most bait and tackle shops.

Remember, smaller hooks catch more fish!

For bait, you will have plenty of luck with bloodworms, but fresh cut shrimp, squid, or mullet will also do the trick!

Prefer to use lures? Bluefish and trout love shiny Hopkins lures/spoons or multi-colored Got-cha plugs.

Whatever method you choose, enjoy quality family time out on the beach with this great pastime!