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Outer Banks Boil Company

Outer Banks Boil Company

Why deal with the hassle of leaving the beach early and waiting on a table at a restaurant when you can have great tasting seafood right from your vacation rental? The Outer Banks Boil Company creates great tasting combinations of seafood in a large pot for you to pick up and take back to your home and boil. You can either boil yourself or get catering and they will come to you and do all the work which is great for large groups! 

If you’re planning to boil yourself, all you have to do is add liquid, watch the food get hot & steamy then serve and enjoy! You can call ahead and have the pot ready to go for you when you get there. Pricing is based on per person and clean up is a breeze so it’s a great-tasting and easy meal right from the comfort of your vacation rental. 

Phone Number: 252.715.2744

Address: 3701 N Croatan Highway, Unit F, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 27949, United States