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I Got Your Crabs


I Got Your Crabs is a family-owned restaurant in Kitty Hawk specializing in delicious seafood with a wide range of steamed options. From blue crab, the local delicacy, to oysters and lobster, there are a lot of options for great tasting local seafood at I Got Your Crabs.

Founded by a dedicated and passionate local fisherman, I Got Your Crabs brings the rich history of the owners involvement in local fisheries to the restaurant business to bring you great tasting food and friendly atmosphere. Grown from a child pulling a wagon full of fresh-caught seafood to a cooler at the local gas station, I Got Your Crabs is now a staple in the community and definitely worth a visit for some great tasting food! 

Phone Number: 252.449.2483

Address: 3809 N Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 27949, United States