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OBX Pool Keeper is a full-service boutique pool, hot tub, and patio company nestled in South Nags Head in between Jeannette’s Pier and Outer Banks Pier. 

OBX Pool Keeper offers a range of customizable pool, hot tub, and patio services to rental owners along beach roads, particularly near South Old Oregon Inlet Road and South Virginia Dare Trail in South Nags Head and Nags Head. Their goal is to deliver expert care and maintenance for pools and hot tubs and partnering with you so your guest’s rebook. For homes with pools and patios on the dunes facing sand issues, OBX Pool Keeper provides dedicated caretaking services.

Cutting-edge technology like their mobile photometer and recordkeeping system, for precise water chemistry analysis, and their portable pool vacuum, helps in preventing overdosages and prolonging the life of your pool equipment.

Enjoy peace of mind with OBX Pool Keeper. Their professional, fully insured, and certified team is just one call away! Dial (252)-888-POOL today to learn more about their competitive rates.

OBX Pool Keeper, preserving your paradise in the Outer Banks. For top-notch pool and hot tub maintenance, contact OBX Pool Keeper today.

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