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One Love Yoga OBX

One Love Yoga OBX

One Love Yoga, OBX: Beach yoga, private group yoga, private yoga, and reiki sessions. Let’s get blissed by the beach!

Join Maria Williamson, RYT 200 hour and Reiki 1 and 2 certified, for a blissful yoga session by the beach. Every Tuesday, 8:00 am just south of Jenette’s Pier for beach yoga. This class is on the beach, and in the case of inclement weather, we will meet at Ascension Studio in Kill Devil Hills. Bring a towel or blanket to practice on if we are meeting on the beach! 

Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening, flexibility, and a mind-body connection. Being in control of your body makes all of the difference. You can expect an invigorating, yoga practice taught on all levels with an emphasis on breathing and relaxation techniques. And practicing by the ocean is a treat in itself! Reiki is an energy healing technique based on hands-on natural healing, transmitting energy, universal life force between the participants. Maria is thrilled to share this experience with you! She practices Reiki with the intention to help raise the vibration of the planet. We can all use a little extra love and light and Reiki is a great way to share that!


Sign up through the website and in the message mention VIP 15 for the discounted rate of $15. PayPal or Venmo or cash. However, no cash is allowed to be exchanged on the beach and must be exchanged in the parking lot. 

Now offering private and private group yoga and yoga/reiki sessions. Meet in the comfort of your home or on the beach. Treat yourself and your friends and family! Please contact Maria for rates and package deals. 

Visit Maria on Facebook or Instagram.