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Outer Banks Vacation FAQs

Uncover essential information and ease your way into the Outer Banks experience with the help of our comprehensive FAQ section. Covering a range of practical inquiries, these frequently asked questions provide insights into everything from beach regulations and weather patterns to local customs and recommended attractions. Our FAQ section offers valuable tips and guidance to ensure that your vacation on the Outer Banks is not only smooth but also enriched with the knowledge you need to make the most of your visit.


Check-in time is 4:00 PM on your arrival date and check-out is 10:00 AM on your departure date. Please plan your travel accordingly. We make every effort to have all our homes ready by 4:00 PM but we cannot guarantee this due to unforeseen circumstances. Please do not buy groceries prior to checking in to your home and please do not go to the home before you are given the keys or code. Our maintenance staff may have to complete some repairs or routine maintenance, the pool and/or hot tub will need to be serviced (if an amenity at the home) and the home must be cleaned and inspected prior to your arrival. All this must take place in a very short time and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we get your vacation home ready for your arrival.

For homes with keys, please check-in at the appropriate rental office. For homes in Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, please go to our Nags Head office, located at 5301 South Croatan Hwy (US 158). For Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores, and Duck homes, please go to our Duck office located at 1247 Duck Road.  For Corolla homes, please check in and out at our Corolla office, which is located at 510 Old Stoney Road at the south entrance to The Currituck Club.

If you will be arriving after office hours (and your balance is paid in full), you will find your keys and directions to the house in the After Hours Check-In Box located right outside the front door of the correct check-in office. If you will be late please call if you have the opportunity, and let us know. If you have not paid in full, it is very important that you call us at least one day prior to check-in to make arrangements with us.

When You First Arrive

Please walk through the cottage and check thoroughly to make sure it is clean and everything is in working order (appliances, doors, windows, etc.). It is imperative that you call our office immediately if you determine there is a problem. We will schedule service as soon as possible. If any appliance or electrical outlet does not work, please check the circuit breaker box and/or ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) reset switch, usually located in a kitchen or bathroom electrical outlet. Simply press the GFCI reset button. If power is not restored, then call our office.

All of our homes are individually owned. Therefore, the furnishings and equipment vary according to the tastes of the owner. However, we will try to provide you with all the equipment advertised for a comfortable stay.


Prior to your arrival, the housekeepers have emptied and cleaned the refrigerator. Quite often it is open for a while during this process, and then you stock the refrigerator with warm food. It is of the utmost importance to keep the refrigerator and freezer on medium settings. Moving the dials to maximum settings will cause the unit to freeze up and not cool at all. It will take 12 to 24 hours for the refrigerator to cool completely after you check in.

Air Conditioning

During the summer months, it may take air conditioners 24 hours to cool a cottage properly. Our systems are heat pumps and function best if the thermostat is set at a constant temperature, not lower than 72 degrees. This will prevent the unit from freezing up. All windows and doors should be closed when the air conditioner is running. In very hot weather, the upper floors may not cool down until after the sun sets, although it will help if you close the blinds. On cooler days, you may want to turn off the air conditioner and enjoy the ocean’s prevailing breezes.


Please do not rearrange the furniture, especially the beds. A security deposit deduction may be charged for our housekeepers to return furniture to its original location. Please do not move or rearrange TVs or other electronics.

Telephones (Local Area Code is 252)

The telephone is provided as a courtesy for your convenience. All Outer Banks calls are local and free, as are all 800 numbers; all long-distance calls must be charged to your credit card or made collect to another number. Homes may have a phone block for long-distance calls. If, after you depart, it becomes necessary to bill you for long distance calls, a $10 surcharge will be added to the cost of the calls. If you are not sure what the phone number is at your location, simply press 311 and a recorded message will give you the number you are calling from. For emergencies, dial 911.

We will email you a Guest Survey shortly after check out day. We appreciate your input and ask you to complete the electronic survey. Comments are welcome. Please note any names of staff members on your survey whom you feel deserve recognition.

Agent is acting for and represents the landlord. All rental monies may be disbursed to the homeowner within 30 days of receipt. Therefore, no substitutions can be made. The balance of your rent is due forty-five (45) day s prior to y our arrival. Reservations with unpaid balances within forty five (45) day s of arrival may be subject to cancellation without refund. Unless advised otherwise, Agent may use initial form of payment for auto charging of final payment within the due date period.


Tenant is responsible to ensure Agent has received required payments. This contract represents a real estate transaction and constitutes agreement between the Tenant and Village Realty as agent, to rent the premises described in this agreement. Agent shall conduct all brokerage activities in regard to this agreement without respect to the race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or familial status of any party or prospective party to this agreement.

1. LIABILITY. Tenant understands that the accommodation is a privately owned dwelling with the Owner’s furnishings, and neither the Agent nor the Owner shall be responsible for providing any additional furnishings or equipment. If the air conditioning system or other appliances become inoperable, Agent will exert efforts to have them serviced. However, Agent cannot guarantee the time required to accomplish repairs. TENANT ACKNOWLEDGES WAIVER OF LIABILITY, including but not limited to, hot tub, whirlpool, sauna, outdoor/ indoor pool (open seasonal/ call for dates), elevator herein after called special feature, if so equipped. The Tenant understands there are special risks that may be involved in using the special feature. In particular, but without limitation, the Tenant understands that there are potential risks that the special features may present dangers to children who are not carefully supervised, as w ell as the danger of any person using the special features for too long a time, has health problems, or is intoxicated or using any kind of drugs or medication, or uses the special feature if pregnant. The Tenant agrees to explain the risks of using the special feature to any guests he or she may have at the unit and to be fully and solely responsible for any accidents his guests may incur. The Tenant understands the risks discussed above and agrees that he will assume all responsibility for himself and his guests for the consequences of those risks. Tenant agrees to waive any claim whatsoever against Landlord or Agent for accidents or claims arising from use of special feature. The Tenant agrees to indemnify Landlord and/or Agent for any claims made by Tenant’s guests arising from Tenant’s guest’s use of the special feature. The Tenant also understands and agrees that he is responsible and liable and will pay agent upon request for any damages that occur to the special feature and its support equipment through his or his guest’s misuse and/or negligence, for example, but not limited to, damaging the hot tub cover and/or pool liner, or allowing the water level to become too low, or causing water overflow inside the unit. INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS. Tenant agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Owner and Agent for any injuries, liabilities, theft, damages cost or expense whatsoever arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of or in connection with Tenant use and occupancy of the Premises and its amenities.

2. Tenant understands that the condition, as well as the furnishings, will vary in each home according to the owner’s taste. All properties or units are equipped for housekeeping with dishes, cookware, silverware and glasses. Locked areas such as owner’s personal storage areas are exempt from this Lease and are off limits to Tenant. Entry into these areas is prohibited and can result in charges to Tenant. Tenant is responsible for all internet activity, where applicable, and agrees that no illegal copyrighted materials may be downloaded. Tenant understands that no refunds will be given for Internet connectivity issues or lack of service. Tenant is not allowed toupgrade any utility services or order movies on owners account. Any charges associated with such transactions will be billed to the tenant and their credit card charged.

3. Vacation homes are rented to responsible GROUPS only. NO HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE GROUPS ARE PERMITTED, REGARDLESS OF AGE. Any group whose behavior creates a disruption or interferes with their neighbor’s peaceful enjoyment of their property will not be allowed to stay and no refund of rents will be made. Any group misrepresenting themselves may be denied occupancy and no refund of rents will be made. Any use of the premises for purposes other than family vacation must be preapproved by the Agent/Landlord.

4. It is agreed that Agent and their employees, for the purpose of clean-up and repair, may enter the premises at 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure and may remain on the premises until 6 p.m. on the day of arrival if necessary. Agent will make every effort to have the leased property available by 4 p.m. Tenant acknowledges that Agent’s representatives may need to access the property during the leased period for general repairs and maintenance.

5 . Agent reserves right to effect appropriate corrective action without loss to Agent in the event that rented premises becomes uninhabitable prior to rental period, that a change in the ownership precludes occupancy by Tenant, or that an error in reservation procedure occurs. Errors may include but are not limited to errors regarding the availability of the premises during any part of the period reserved and errors in determining or communicating to Tenant the rental rate and fees in effect at the time of the reservation. Liability to Agent/Landlord is limited to rental monies paid by Tenant and in no event shall Tenant be responsible to reimburse Agent for any error committed by Agent. Notification of corrective action will be provided to Tenant at the earliest possible time. NEW CONSTRUCTION: If house under construction is unfinished at occupancy date per Lease, the Agent/Landlord liability is limited to full refund of rent payments and a good faith effort by Agent to locate replacement accommodations. Tenant waives any and all other claims against Landlord or Agent for non-completion of this property under construction. FORECLOSURE: If Agent becomes aware of any foreclosure proceedings, Agent will notify Tenant. In the event of a monetary loss to Tenant, Tenant understands that their sole recourse is with the Owner of the rented property. Tenant agrees Agent cannot be held responsible for funds lost due to a voluntary or involuntary transfer of property ownership.

6. HURRICANE REFUNDS – Pursuant to Senate Bill 974, G.S. 42A-36, there are no refunds to inclement weather including hurricanes. TRIP CANCELLATION and INTERRUPTION INSURANCE IS AVAILABLE. Refer to the front of this lease agreement for further information.

7. SECURITY DEPOSITS – Tenant may be subject to a security deposit in an amount to be determined at the sole discretion of the Agent. Deductions can be made for excessive cleaning, damage to the property or its contents, missing linens or other items, moving or cleaning furniture, carpet cleaning, damage to the hot tub or its cover, pool equipment and/ or any other special features. Tenant will be notified in writing regarding said deductions. Security deposits are refunded within 45 days of departure in accordance with NC law. Whether or not a security deposit is required, Tenant is responsible for any intentional damage due to willful negligence on leased property. Tenant will be notified in writing and Tenant agrees that charges can be processed on Tenant’s credit card or Tenant agrees to send payment within 10 days of notification.

8. ACCOMMODATIONS CAPACITY – The advertised bedding includes adults and children and must be strictly observed. Exceeding this occupancy is grounds for eviction without refund. Maximum occupancy in homes served by an on-site septic system is limited to two persons per bedroom. SPECIAL EVENTS (i.e. wedding, receptions, rehearsal dinner, etc .), are not allowed at any property. If such event is not disclosed, tenant may be subject to additional fees or eviction. Occupancy shall not exceed the amount allowed by law.

9. PETS – No pets are allowed in any rental home, except where noted “Pets Allowed” . The term “Pets” refers to dogs and/or cats only and are limited to two (2) domestic, housebroken dogs and/or cats, unless otherwise restricted by individual homes. If pets are discovered in a home not allowing pets, Tenant maybe evicted immediately and security deposit if applicable will be forfeited. Pet damages will be charged to the Tenant. See our website for details on pet allowances in our area.

10. Tenant understands that he may not sublet or assign this Agreement. Tenant agrees that he will not use, nor permit the use of the premises for any unlawful or disorderly purposes, nor commit or permit a nuisance to be committed therein. NO FIREARMS, EXPLOSIVES OR FIREWORKS PERMITTED ON ANY LEASED PROPERTY.

11. All taxes are subject to change and will be collected in accordance with North Carolina law.

12. BEACH NOURISHMENT: Some oceanfront areas may be part of beach nourishment projects. Projects are planned by individual towns and are weather dependent, therefore schedules cannot be set or confirmed in advance. Tenant may be subject to inconvenience during these projects. No refunds will be given.

13. Tenant understands that if the Tenant or any member or members of his party violate any of the conditions or agreements in this contract, Agent may terminate this agreement and enter the premises. If Tenant is in violation of this agreement, contract will be terminated without refund. If a court of competent jurisdiction shall find any portion of this Lease invalid, such decision shall have no effect on the remainder of this Lease. The court of jurisdiction is Dare or Currituck County.

14. If Tenant refuses to depart from the premises on the date indicated on this Agreement, Tenant will be charged rent of $500 per day in addition to any legal costs necessary to evict Tenant. Tenant is aware that expedited eviction pursuant to GS 42A24 is allowed.

15. Nothing herein shall limit any direct charges to Tenant or prohibit Agent from obtaining additional income from any added services including but not limited to trip insurance, long distance phone services, administrative and maintenance fees, pet fees, etc.

16. The tenant understands and agrees that all funds will be placed in an interestbearing account with TowneBank, Kill Devil Hills, NC, on which the interest shall accrue to the benefit of Village Realty Holdings LLC. 17. This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no agreements, inducements, representations or obligations between the parties except as set forth in writing in this agreement. The Tenant has read and agrees to abide by the terms, rules and regulations of this agreement set forth and by signing below or making payment, accepts this lease Agreement in its entirety.

18. Attorney fees and Litigation: Any dispute relating to this Vacation Rental Agreement will be litigated only in The General Court of Justice for the State of North Carolina and only in Dare or Currituck County. This agreement will be governed by the law of the State of North Carolina. Each party will be responsible for their own attorney’s fees in any matter which is litigated in the court system.

19. CANCELLATIONS / TRANSFERS: CANCELLATION MUST BE SUBMITTED TO VILLAGE REALTY IN WRITING. In case of cancellation, no refund of rents paid will be made until the period is re-rented and confirmed. If the period is re-rented at the same rate as the original lease of the original Tenant, all monies paid are refunded less a $50 cancellation fee, if applicable. However, if the rental rate is negotiated to a lower rate or rented for a lesser time period, the original Tenant will only be refunded the lower (or lesser) rental amount as owners are to receive the full amount of the original lease. Agent will make every effort to re-rent the property at the full amount. Trip Insurance is non-refundable. Balances due for leases two weeks or longer must be paid in full prior to check-in even if a portion of the period was not able to be re-rented. 

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, certified checks, eChecks, and money orders are accepted for the initial 50% payment. Checks must be received in our office within 7 days of booking. A $35 charge may be added for returned checks. The balance of your charges is due in our office no later than 45 days prior to arrival. Reservations with unpaid balances within 45 days of arrival may be subject to cancellation without refund. Reservations made within 45 days of arrival require payment in full at the time of booking. No PERSONAL checks or eChecks will be accepted within 45 days of arrival. 

The tax rate for North Carolina is 6.75%. County taxes are 6% for both Dare and Currituck counties (12.75% combined taxes.) Taxes are subject to change without notice. All funds will be placed in an interest-bearing account at TOWNEBANK, 2 Juniper Trail, Southern Shores, NC 27949, on which the interest shall accrue to the benefit of Village Realty. All funds must be in US Dollars.

A Security Deposit may be required at Agent’s discretion. Tenant is responsible for damage caused by willful negligence and/or damage by pet(s). If a security deposit is required, the amount varies by property. The house should be left broom clean and damage-free. If required, the security deposit must be paid in your final payment and by check (no credit cards, please). If the home is left damage-free, the security deposit will be returned 45 days from check-out. You will be notified by mail of any itemized damage charges and the total will be deducted from your security deposit.

Village Realty has partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance to provide Trip Preserver® coverage for our guests. Trip Preserver provides trip insurance, emergency assistance and travel services in case of hurricane evacuations and family emergencies such as illness or death in the family. The Vacation Rental Agreement you will receive will automatically include this optional plan. More information from Red Sky.

The cost is 7.95% of your total rent, and this amount will be indicated on your lease. The fee is due with your first payment and is non-refundable. Travel insurance is optional. You will be prompted to accept or decline the coverage on the reservation checkout page.

We strongly urge you to consider this insurance when planning your Outer Banks vacation. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE FOR HURRICANE EVACUATIONS WITHOUT TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE.

Trip Preserver® from Red Sky covers trip cancellation or interruption due to:

  • A named hurricane or other natural disaster
  • Uninhabitability of the destination vacation home caused by a natural disaster
  • Uninhabitability of your primary residence or your traveling companion’s primary residence caused by a natural disaster
  • Sickness, injury, or death of you, a family member, or traveling companion

Also included:

  • 24 hour worldwide travel assistance
  • Identity theft recovery assistance

Trip Preserver® customer care professionals hear certain questions often from travel sellers and their clients. Take a moment to get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Trip Preserver®. If you don’t see your question on this page, please call Red Sky at 1-866-889-7409, or email them at

If you are unsure if you have coverage or wish to speak to someone at Village Realty, please call 1-252-480-2224. Please have your reservation number available as well as the date of your stay.

Claims Support

If you have any questions during the claims process, you can:

Call Red Sky at 1-866-889-7409, or email them at

Office hours for Red Sky are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time, except holidays.

If you must cancel your reservation after making payments, we will do our best to re-rent your vacation home for the time period you have reserved. If re-rented, monies will be refunded less a $50 cancellation fee. However, if the rental rate is negotiated to a lower rate or rented for a lesser time period, the original Tenant will only be refunded the lower rental amount. Village Realty will make every effort to re-rent the property at the full amount. If the unit is not re-rented, all monies paid will be forfeited. All cancellation requests must be in writing by the leaseholder (email or fax is fine) and signed by the leaseholder of the reservation. Balances due for leases two weeks or longer must be paid in full prior to check-in even if a portion of the period was not able to be re-rented. Trip insurance is not refundable.

Pets are not allowed unless specifically listed in the home’s description. Those homes that do allow pets are limited to two domestic housebroken dogs or cats unless otherwise noted. A NON-REFUNDABLE pet fee is required in addition to the refundable security deposit. We are not able to make exceptions with NON-PET homes. Please respect this rule as your security deposit will be held if a pet is housed in a non-pet home. Many guests are highly allergic to pets and choose specific homes because they do not allow pets; many of the homeowners also have severe allergies to pets of any kind. If you are not sure whether the home you have chosen allows pets, please call our office. We are also happy to recommend local boarding facilities for your pet.

The beach can be fun and rewarding for both pets and their owners. Each town has its own restrictions pertaining to pets. Please be courteous and clean up after your pet. All pet waste must be collected immediately and deposited in appropriate containers.

Nags Head
Dogs are allowed on the beach year-round as long as they are restrained by a leash not exceeding 10 feet. All pet waste must be properly disposed of by owners.

Kill Devil Hills
Between May 15 and September 15 of each year, no dogs shall be permitted on the public beach between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. unless being used to aid a handicapped person. At all other times, dogs are not permitted on the public beaches except upon a leash and under control of owner. All pet waste must be gathered in appropriate containers. Year-round leash law.

Leashes are required in Currituck County, but there are no length requirements.

Dogs are allowed on the beach unleashed year-round, but as a matter of public safety and courtesy, they should be under the watchful eye and contact of their owner.

Southern Shores
Dogs are not allowed on the beach from May 15 – September 15. Year-round leash law. All pet waste must be collected immediately and deposited in appropriate containers.

Kitty Hawk
Dogs are permitted on public beaches. The owner/handler is responsible for and must remove pet waste and possess a bag/container for waste removal at all times. Dogs must be on a leash not exceeding 6 feet between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. beginning the Friday before Memorial Day until the day after Labor Day. At all other times during the year, dogs must be restrained on a leash retractable to 12 feet. Dogs may be taken off the leash only if they will not disturb other people on the beach. Unleashed dogs must be controlled by the handler, who must remain within 30 feet of the dog at all times. A leash must be with owner/handler at all times. Violation of any of these rules shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $50.00.

Please be sure to look at your vacation rental’s list of amenities as they vary by property.

While homes will be cleaned before your arrival as well as after your departure, make sure to bring some cleaning supplies for spills, dishes as well as laundry. You will be able to pick up a weekly supply of paper products at the nearby grocery store.

You need to supply the following:

  • Food, Condiments, and Spices
  • Cleaning Supplies (such as laundry & dish detergents)
  • Paper Products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)
  • Trash Bags
  • Alarm clock, if you need one
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Suntan Lotions, Sun Screen
  • Medications
  • Bathing Suits
  • Beach Towels
  • Beach Chairs
  • Beach Umbrella
  • Beach Toys
  • Beach and Fishing Equipment
  • Flashlights, Radios, and Batteries
  • Specialty Cooking Items
  • Baby Equipment (if not specified in house description)
  • Cash or traveler’s checks and credit cards (personal checks may not be accepted at all locations)

We provide all linens (sheets and pillowcases) for your vacation home and ensure that all beds are made prior to your arrival; pillows are included. We also include bath towels and face cloths (one for each person the home accommodates), but suggest you bring additional towels for your stay. Beach towels are NOT included.

Each home will have a starter set of paper products to make your arrival day a little easier. This set will include one roll of paper towels and one roll of toilet paper for each bathroom as well as a small bar of hand soap. 

Many items can be rented from local vendors and delivered to your home on check-in day, including beach chairs, umbrellas, baby equipment, grills, and even bikes and kayaks. Give us a call for local recommendations.

All kitchens are adequately stocked for everyday meal preparation.  Extra kitchen items are provided according to the individual homeowner’s preference, not according to the size, location, or price of the cottage. If you are planning special meal preparations you should bring with you such items as a food processor, extra-large or specialty pots or pans, chef’s knives, specialty cooking utensils, etc.

2024 Dates for Private Pools: Open 4/1/24 thru 10/16/24 | Some vacation homes offer a heated pool during certain weeks. Pools are not heated unless otherwise indicated in the description for the home. If the home features a heated pool, this will be included in the description for the home. 2024 Dates for Pool Heat: 4/1/24 thru Memorial Day and Labor Day thru 10/16/24 | Pool heat is included for stays in May and September. A fee ranging from $350 to $500 applies to April and October stays. Heated pools will usually heat the pool to approx. 78-80 degrees. If the wind has been blowing for several days and/or if it has been unseasonably cool, the pool water may feel cooler than this. We cannot adjust the temperature of the pool; thermostats are set by the vendor for optimum performance. The heaters are turned off and heated pools are not available during the other seasons. All pools and hot tubs are chemically treated and serviced on your arrival day. Please take special care with the hot tub covers as they are only styrofoam with a vinyl cover and can break easily. The leaseholder is responsible for the supervision and appropriate use of the pools and hot tubs. They can be dangerous for children, pregnant women, and other people with sensitive skin or requiring medical attention. Each pool and/or hot tub is only for the occupants of that house.

Rip currents are strong narrow currents moving away from shore.  On the Outer Banks, they are generally caused by a break in the off-shore sandbar that runs along the entire shoreline. Water moving along the shore rushes out this opening, and can pull even the strongest swimmer away from the beach in a matter of minutes.

If you are caught in a rip current, the most important thing to do is stay calm. Don’t fight the current by trying to swim straight back toward shore. Instead, swim parallel to the beach until you are out of the rip, then swim diagonally to shore so you don’t get caught up again. If you can’t swim out of the rip, float or tread water to save energy until the rip current dissapates in the deeper water. Call or wave for help from a lifeguard or bystander.

If you see someone caught in a rip current, find a lifeguard right away. If there is no lifeguard available, call 911 and look for the nearest beach access or house number to tell the dispatcher your location. Do not try to swim out to them unless you are trained in ocean rescue. 

To avoid getting caught in a rip current, first learn to spot one. Rip currents are characterized by a change in water color in a narrow band perpendicular to shore: either murkier from sediments or darker from greater depth. Other telltale signs are a break in the white line of crashing waves, or an object moving steadily out to sea.

Lifeguards may mark rip currents with yellow flags in some locations. If red flags are flying, that means NO SWIMMING even if you see surfers or other swimmers in the ocean. Surfers who enter the water must be leashed to a fiberglass board at least 5 feet long with a fin. Most rental surfboards are not fiberglass and so do not meet these criteria.

All swimmers should know their limitations and abilities. The ocean is much different than a pool. Always swim with a buddy, and make sure someone on shore is watching you as well. If you are not a strong swimmer, don’t go in the ocean! 

It is always safest to swim in front of a lifeguard. All of the towns from Corolla to Nags Head staff lifeguard stands and roving patrols in-season.

Corolla Beaches with Lifeguard

Stands are manned 7 days a week in season, 9:30am to 5:30pm 

  • Ocean Hill, Headwind Way
  • Light House, Franklyn Street
  • Shad, Austin Street
  • Sturgeon Street
  • Herring Street
  • Bonito Street
  • Sailfish Street
  • Buck Island
  • Section P, Driftwood Way
  • Section O, Sea Bird Way
  • Section F, Sand Fiddler
  • Section D, Marlin Way
  • Section B, Sand Hill
  • Bathhouse, Old Stoney Road
  • Pine Island, Audobon Drive

Additional Stands manned from the last Sunday in June to 1st Sunday in Aug

  • Bismark Drive
  • Crown Point Circle
Duck Beaches with Lifeguard

Stands manned from May 26 through September 4:

  • Caffey’s Inlet
  • Barrier Island Station
  • Schooner Ridge Drive
  • Four Seasons Drive

Stands manned from June 23 through August 17:

  • Scarborough Lane
  • Plover Drive

Roving ATV Patrols in season

Southern Shores Beaches with Lifeguard

Stands manned Memorial Day – Labor Day:

  • Hillcrest
  • Chicahauk

Stands manned approximately June 21- August 9

  • East Dogwood 
  • 144 Ocean Blvd

Roving ATV Patrols May 1-October 15th

Kitty Hawk Beaches with Lifeguard

Stands open from Saturday of Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day, 10am to 6pm.

  • Byrd Street
  • Eckner Street
  • Kitty Hawk Bathhouse (300 yards south of Kitty Hawk Road)

Roving ATV Patrols from Labor Day until September 30, 10am to 5pm

Kill Devil Hills Beaches with Lifeguard

Stands open Memorial Day to Labor Day, 10am to 5:30pm.

  • Helga Street
  • Hayman Boulevard
  • Fifth Street
  • Third Street
  • Second Street
  • First Street
  • Asheville Street
  • Woodmere Avenue
  • Carlow Avenue
  • Ocean Bay Boulevard 
  • Oregon Avenue
  • Baum Street
  • Clark Street
  • Calvin Street
  • Martin Street
  • Atlantic Street
  • Neptune Drive
  • Lake Drive
  • Eighth St. 

Roving ATV Patrols in season.

Nags Head Beaches with Lifeguard

Stands open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day weekend, 10am to 6pm.

  • Albatross Street     
  • Bonnett Street
  • Enterprise Street
  • Epstein Street
  • Hollowell Street 
  • Forrest Street
  • Gray Eagle Street
  • Gulf Stream Street 
  • Hargrove Street
  • Juncos Street 

Roving ATV Patrols in season.

You can also check their websites for more information:

Driving on the 4×4 beaches of the Outer Banks is a wonderful experience for vacationers of all ages. Regulations and permit requirements vary depending on location.

For the beaches north of Corolla, there are no permit requirements for driving on the beach. However, if you plan to park on the beach and stay a while to enjoy fishing or just relaxing, please be aware there is a beach parking permit required between May and the first Saturday in October. Village Realty does not currently manage any properties in the 4X4 area and is not required to supply passes. Visitors can purchase a weekly parking permit in advance through the county’s online permitting system. To alleviate congestion, Currituck County has limited permit sales to a maximum of 300 per week during this time. 

Cape Hatteras National Seashore requires ORV permits for beach driving. Visitors can purchase a 10-day permit or an annual one. There is no limit to the number of available ORV permits. However, routes may be temporarily closed for a variety of reasons including carrying capacity, resource protection and safety concerns. ORV permits for Cape Hatteras can be purchased using the online permitting system

Before driving and parking on any beaches in Currituck or Dare County, please review tips and regulations to ensure that your experience is safe, legal and considerate of wildlife and other visitors:

Currituck County Beach Driving & Parking

Dare County Beach Driving & Parking

Both counties use the following four Re-Entry Stages:

Priority One: Essential personnel identified by special permit
Priority Two: Permanent residents. Non-resident employees of critical businesses.
Priority Three: Non-resident property owners. Non-resident employees of non-critical businesses.
Priority Four: General public, including visitors.

For Dare County (Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Manteo, and Cape Hatteras): Dare County Control Group: 252-475-5655,
For Currituck County (all of Corolla, from Pine Island to Villages at Ocean Hill and 4WD area): Currituck Emergency Management 252-232-2115; Storm Hotline: 252-232-6010; website

We’re excited to partner with Affirm, giving you the flexibility to pay at your own pace. Next time you’re shopping with us, just select Affirm at checkout and you can choose your monthly installment option with no late fees or hidden fees – ever.

Choose how you pay at your own pace

When inspiration strikes, Affirm helps you say yes without giving up financial control. Select Affirm at checkout to pay over time—and never pay a penny more than you agree to on day one.

Buying with Affirm is simple

1. Fill your cart
Select Affirm at checkout, then enter a few pieces of info for a real-time decision.

2. Choose how you pay
Pick the payment plan you like best— Choose from 3, 6, 12, or 18 months. You’ll never pay more than you agree to up front. See footer for details.

3. Pay over time
Make payments at or in the Affirm app. You’ll get email
and text reminders.

Buy with confidence

With Affirm, you always know exactly what you’ll owe and when you’ll be done paying.

Affirm tells you up front the total amount you’ll pay. That number will never go up.

You choose the payment plan that works for you. Our smart checkout gives you options.

Affirm won’t charge you late fees or penalties of any kind, ever.

Rates from 0–36% APR. For example, a $700 purchase might cost $63.18/mo over 12 months at 15% APR. Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners, Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. See for important info on state licenses and notifications.


Can I pay off my purchase early?
Yes! There’s no penalty for paying early.

How do I make my payments?
You can make or schedule payments at or in the Affirm app for iOS or Android. Affirm will send you email and text reminders before payments are due.

Does checking my eligibility affect my credit score?
No—your credit score won’t be affected when you create an Affirm account or check your eligibility. If you decide to buy with Affirm, this may impact your credit score. You can find more information in Affirm’s Help Center.

Do I need a mobile number to use Affirm?
Yes, you’ll need a mobile phone number from the U.S. or U.S. territories. This helps Affirm verify it’s really you who is creating your account and signing in.

Where can I learn more about Affirm?
You can visit their website at

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