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Hurricanes and the Outer Banks

Hurricanes are tropical storms with winds exceeding 74 miles per hour. While no one wants to think about a hurricane happening during their vacation, it is important to know what to do if a hurricane threatens. 

In the event of an approaching storm we will update this page with current information and status, so please check back frequently. 

If a Hurricane Watch is issued by the National Weather Service, this means a hurricane MAY impact the area, typically within 48 hours. A Hurricane Warning means a hurricane is EXPECTED to impact the area, usually within 36 hours.

The best source for information is the National Weather Service Hurricane Center website. Dare County and Currituck County Emergency Management will update their pages regularly during a Hurricane Warning. Other good sources of information include NOAA weather radios and these local radio stations.

  • The Rock 97.1
  • The Sound 99.1
  • Beach 104.1
  • Dixie 105.7

How We Use Your Information

Don’t panic. Keep your car filled with gas in case an evacuation becomes necessary and put a few gallons of bottled water in there too. Use this time to plan your route and consider possible hotels in case of an evacuation.

If there is a mandatory evacuation, you are required to leave. Please pack all belongings including food and leave as soon as possible. Be sure to bring everything, because you may not be able to come back, depending on the storm’s severity. The weather is often beautiful and sunny in the days before a hurricane, but this is deceiving. High winds and flooding can arise suddenly, and roads and bridges will become congested, so please plan to leave as early as possible. In case you are travelling south or west, please note that ferries stop running in gale force winds and plan accordingly.

To check out, just follow the instructions for automatic checkout, and leave your keys in the kitchen if applicable. There is no need to call our office, as staff will be busy notifying other guests and securing homes. If time permits, you can bring outdoor furniture inside and make sure all windows and doors are locked. We appreciate your help, but please put your safety first.

There are no shelters in Dare County, Currituck County or Hyde County. Inland shelter locations will be broadcast on local radio and TV stations as a storm approaches. If you are not planning on going all the way home and need hotel accommodations inland we advise that you call and make reservations as soon as possible.

How We Use Your Information

If you purchased trip insurance, you will be reimbursed for any vacation time lost due to a mandatory evacuation. Please remember that this applies to a mandatory evacuation only. To file a claim, visit the Red Sky website. If you have any questions concerning trip insurance, call Red Sky at 1-866-621-2070.

How We Use Your Information

The decision to allow re-entry after a storm is made by our elected leaders in Dare and Currituck counties, so check their websites for updates. We will post information here as soon as we learn it. Please refrain from calling our offices unless absolutely necessary, as staff will be out opening homes back up, or may be unable to get to work because of damage to their own homes. Re-entry is sometimes accomplished in phases, with homeowners and workers being allowed back on first. Please do not attempt to return before re-entry is allowed.