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Saturday, November 21, was sunny and mild and a good day to run some pre-Thanksgiving errands. For some strange reason, I was up and awake by 7 am on my day we got an early start.

When you live on the Outer Banks:

...and you travel, either the people you meet will know and love and have been to the Outer Banks or they will say "Where?".

The Annual Outer Banks Marathon Weekend is a big event for our area. Lots of participants and their friends and family will be here to run or cheer on the marathoners. The OBX now has many marathons, half-marathons, "runcations", and other fun races all year long.

It is that time of year...I am seeing more restaurants with closed signs up and seeing Facebook posts about closings. However that does not mean there are not still places to eat, shops to go to, and things to do on the Outer Banks. 

I know I have said it before but October and November are such great months to be here on the Outer Banks.

Well, it took a while but the wind, rain and threat of Hurricane Joaquin is gone, over, done. We are glad.

One of the questions I get asked quite a bit, and I am sure other locals experience this too, is "Where do YOU go on vacation?"  Well, that depends on who I am going with and what time of year.

...about people who complain on social media. I am the admin for several social media sites and travel sites, so I see a lot of posts; both for local places here on the Outer Banks and for companies I have nothing to do with.