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I know I have said it before but October and November are such great months to be here on the Outer Banks.

Well, it took a while but the wind, rain and threat of Hurricane Joaquin is gone, over, done. We are glad.

One of the questions I get asked quite a bit, and I am sure other locals experience this too, is "Where do YOU go on vacation?"  Well, that depends on who I am going with and what time of year.

...about people who complain on social media. I am the admin for several social media sites and travel sites, so I see a lot of posts; both for local places here on the Outer Banks and for companies I have nothing to do with.

Join the Friends of Jockey’s Ridge for a Celebration of Carolista Baum’s Birthday! “She saved our sand dune!” On a summer morning in 1973, Carolista’s children were playing on the dunes.

I posted a question on our Facebook page the other day asking for help in choosing a blog topic. It is August, and my brain is tired, so I wanted suggestions on what to write about. And I got them, a lot of them.

Whew...August is here. One thing those of us who live here know for sure is that summer creeps in and then flies by. Really fast. Probably just like your vacation week seems to you.  From mid July to mid August, we are either at 100% occupancy or very close to it.