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I recently posted, via our Facebook page, an invitation for others to write about their experiences on the Outer Banks and tell why it is so special to them. One of the emails I received is from a woman whos stays with a group of friends every September. 

Many people think of seafood...good, fresh, local seafood, when they think of the Outer Banks. And, thankfully, we have many wonderful restaurants and seafood markets where they can get their fill.

I think one of the best things from visitors here on the Outer Banks is how nice they think most people who live here are. From shopkeepers to wait staff to doctors and medical professionals, surfers, fishermen and other locals.

Ok, for whatever reason, you are coming to the Outer Banks on vacation, all by yourself. You are fine with that, but you would like some help finding things to do, places to go, etc. We can help. 

One of the things that stands out to me, as a long time (most of my life) resident of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, is that not only do we love our own pets, but we have organizations here that work actively to protect, care for and promote adoption of cats and dogs on th

Well, I have to admit that this time of year is my favorite on the Outer Banks. Yes, I know it is cold (some days) and windy (a lot more days), but it is also very beautiful and peaceful and gives me a chance to recharge.

Christmas is over, the New Year is here...and NOW, in my opinion, it is really and truly the off-season on the Outer Banks. Several more restaurants closed after New Years Eve, there are just not many people visiting this time of year and traffic is  much lighter. 

We are having a very nice, warm December with temps in the 60's and 70's. Yes, the AC has been turned on a couple of times and yep, we are still wearing shorts, flip flops and t-shirts. Well, actually many OBXers wear that all year long, no matter what.

Although it does not feel like winter here on the Outer Banks, as I write this on December fact it will BE winter on the 22nd. We have had temps in the mid 60's and low 70's for about a week. Very mild, very nice.

Every year Village Realty holds fund raisers for the Outer Banks Angel Gift Program, to help families in need over the holidays.