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Here we are, only a few days into May, and the beach is starting to "buzz" again. You can feel it everywhere you go. No longer is a left turn a sure bet on the bypass. The commute to work is taking an extra few minutes. There are actually people in swimwear on the beaches... what a glorious time indeed!

Today's post is by guest blogger Jennifer Vallone


Of all the duties I have with my job, this is the hardest, blogging. Not the actual writing, but deciding what to write about each time. So today I am just going to post about new places, OBX tidbits and anything else I feel like. 

Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday, March 13. Good news, we get one more hour of sunshine. Bad news, you lose an hour of sleep. This time change also means that spring is on the way...March 20, 2016 to be exact. 

I recently posted, via our Facebook page, an invitation for others to write about their experiences on the Outer Banks and tell why it is so special to them. One of the emails I received is from a woman whos stays with a group of friends every September. 

Many people think of seafood...good, fresh, local seafood, when they think of the Outer Banks. And, thankfully, we have many wonderful restaurants and seafood markets where they can get their fill.

I think one of the best things from visitors here on the Outer Banks is how nice they think most people who live here are. From shopkeepers to wait staff to doctors and medical professionals, surfers, fishermen and other locals.

Ok, for whatever reason, you are coming to the Outer Banks on vacation, all by yourself. You are fine with that, but you would like some help finding things to do, places to go, etc. We can help.