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The all new Jennett's Pier opened in May of 2011 and since then has had thousands of visitors. The pier is now open 24/7 and features a public beach access with parking and a bathhouse. Sounds like this would be a perfect family activity.

As you travel along 158 in Jarvisburg, ten minutes north of the Wright Memorial Bridge you will discover a 100+ year old farm house situated on three acres of land that has been transformed into a Total Dog Center.

Amy Pollard Huggins has big ideas about food. That's why this self-described "foodie" plans to soon open Outer Banks Epicurean in the old Charlene's building along Colington Road.

During the sixties the winds of change blew through our culture like a storm and the first of the baby boomers were graduating from college to seek their dreams. For two young men who became friends during this era, they found their dream literally "blowin' in the wind".

Twenty-three years before Jamestown, there was Roanoke Island. The settlement didn't survive, but the history, adventure and family fun did. Roanoke Island Festival Park is an interactive family attraction that celebrates the first English settlement in America.

Maybe your kids have never seen a working farm or watched a blacksmith at work...or seen how people dressed over 150 years ago. For something a little different to do while you are on the Outer Banks we suggest you visit the Island Farm in Manteo.

Road Trip! Just over the causeway Washington Baum bridge to Roanoke Island/Manteo take a LEFT at the light and meander down curvy Route 345 east to the Wanchese Seafood Industrial Park docks.

About 1000 years ago the barrier islands known now as the Outer Banks were born when the cold Labrador Current and the warm Gulf Stream Current merged. These barrier islands, as well as sandbars and shoals, continue to be reshaped by the powerful action of these currents.