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You Might...

You Might...

… want to check out these places and attractions on the Outer Banks. We have a lot more than our beautiful beaches to offer. If I had my wish, everyone would be able to spend two consecutive weeks here on vacation. At least. The first week you relax, rest, restore. Go the the beach, out to eat, spend time with family and just take it easy. Then, the next week you can visit some places on the Outer Banks that you may not even know are here.

One place that comes to mind is The Island Farm on Roanoke Island. This is a living history site and you and your friends, kids, relatives can explore lots of buildings and get a feel of what life was like on the farm in 1847. There is a cookhouse, an outhouse, barns, a corn crib, blacksmith shop and even a reconstructed slave quarters.

You can even take an ox-cart ride. The Etheridge Farm is the centerpiece of the site. Adam Etheridge built a house on family land; land that had been farmed by the family since 1757. You will see 19th century furnishings and some of the pieces are original to the house.

Get back to nature with a visit to The Nature Conservancy at Nags Head Woods Preserve. Hike, look at the many plants and wildlife…some very unusual to find on barrier islands. This is a maritime forest with 1,400 acres. There are ponds, wetlands and sand dunes. Free and open to the public, a good place to walk, run or jog. It is a wildlife sanctuary and you will see birds, turtles, foxes, snakes, frogs, lizards, deer, raccoon and more.

One new attraction that opened last year is First Flight Adventure Park, right on the soundfront in Nags Head. This is a multi-level, self guided rope course. OK for all ages and all skill levels. (ages 6 and up). Bring the family, and they can either join in or watch. There are 48 different obstacles up to 50 feet up in the air. Gulp. Fun!

And, did you know we have a very nice bowling alley in Nags Head? Yep, we do. Very clean, family friendly, lots of lanes and they have a decent snack-bar too. Located at Milepost 10, 200 West Satterfield Landing Road, Nags Head.

The Frisco Native American Museum and Natural History Center was founded by Carl Bornfield, who had a deep appreciation for Native American culture and artifacts.The museum is a non-profit foundation and is a great place to go to on a day when it is rainy or foggy or just too cold for the beach. You will see handmade baskets, bead-work, pottery and artifacts from many North American tribes and from original inhabitants of Hatteras Island. The little ones will love it. Join in a pow-wow or a sharing circle or maybe take a walk on the nature trail.

OK, that’e enough for one day…you must be tired. More things to add to your “gotta do this” coming up soon. 

Until Next Time, 

Your Outer Banks Blogger