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Where to go...

Where to go...

One of the questions I get asked quite a bit, and I am sure other locals experience this too, is “Where do YOU go on vacation?”  Well, that depends on who I am going with and what time of year. When my daughters were little, we did leave the Outer Banks and took the train to Disney world in Florida. It was hot.  I have been to the mountains in North Carolina, loved it. Been to Northern Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and to New Orleans, several times. Even to Hawaii, two times. And yes, I even went up north…New York and Connecticut. 

However, as much as I enjoyed those trips…in all honesty I am not much of a traveler anymore. And, there are still so many places right here on the Outer Banks that I still want to see, places to go, things to do…food to eat! So, here is what I would do NOW, if my sister from New Mexico was coming for a visit. Off season. 

Have to get up to catch at least one sunrise…and we can be at the beach in about 7 minutes by car if we drive from my house. Just sit and watch the sun come up. Hear the waves, feel the breeze and be thankful.  Next, breakfast, probably at Miller’s Seafood and Steakhouse on the Beach Road in Kill Devil Hills. Bloody Marys would be consumed, bacon, hash-browns, eggs, coffee. Talking. Catching up. Then, because I know she will love it, I will take her to the Little Red Mailbox of Hope at the Glenmere Beach Access in Kill Devil Hills. My sister is a minister and I know she will love reading the messages of hope, faith, thankfulness and joy in the notes that are left there.  I am sure she will want to leave her own message of hope too. 

Back to the house for a bit. Shower, dress, make-up on, hair fixed. I want to take her to the KDH Co-operative Gallery. Love this place. Local artwork, great prices and wonderful finds. She needs some OBX to take back home. Then, on to Yellowhouse Art Gallery in Nags Head. More art, I like art. Now, time for manicures and pedicures at Hairoics. 

Then, lunch, a late lunch because we had big breakfast; at Blue Moon Beach Grill in Nags Head. Always one of my favorites. 

Back to the house for a nap and some more talk. Ordering dinner in or picking it up. 

Day Two: Sleep In. Pick up bagels and eat at home. Today we are heading to Manteo. First, the aquarium. I have been many times but it never gets old. Then, the Elizabethan Gardens. And for lunch…Avenue Grill in downtown Manteo. Overlooking the water, great food. On the way home from Manteo we will stop and pick up some fresh seafood to cook at home. Oh, who am I kidding, I am not going to cook. We will swing by Jennette’s Pier and look at the waves for a while, then it is off to Pamlico Jack’s for dinner. Soundfront and sunsets. Good food. My sister does not get seafood, well, good seafood, where she lives…and I have to treat her. 

Back home. Girl talk. 

Day Three: We are going to Corolla to take a tour to see the Corolla Wild Horses. Lunch; Mike Dianna’s. We will be full, and happy. Back home. Rest, talk, rest. Dinner will be picked up by favorite husband…might be pizza, might be burgers, might be coconut chicken from Goombays Grille. 

Day Four. early morning beach time. Breakfast at the beach, books to be read. No plans today. Just beach, food, talk. And we will be catching a sunset. 

Day Five: We will head to Duck. Lots of shops, good food, more shops. On the way back, we will stop and have lunch at RunDown Cafe in Kitty Hawk. Buy some t-shirts for her grandchildren. Home, rest. Open a bottle of wine. Talk. Sleep

Day Six: We are going to the Outer Banks Pier and Fish Heads Bar and Grill. We will sit, eat, drink sweet tea, talk and watch the waves, the birds, the people…and we might be lucky enough to see some dolphin. One of my very favorite places on the entire Outer Banks. We will be  here a while.  Heading over to Absolutely Outer Banks where little sister will find some wonderful and uniquely OBX items. Back home, shower, dress. Dinner at JK’s…time for a steak.

Day Seven: We are going to Cloud Nine to make our own sea glass necklaces. Then, we are off to a wine-tasting at OBX Trio, where we will also have some cheese and bread and olives and nuts and…wine. Leave there and head to the beach for some late afternoon time in the sand.  Dinner will be at Owen’s Restaurant. If you have been, you know how good this place is. She will love it. 

There is lots more to do…we have not even been to Hatteras or Ocracoke yet. Or The Whalehead Club or Wright Brothers…but, next time. Until then, I am

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