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Village Realty Broker Shows Beach Homes on HGTV

Village Realty Broker Shows Beach Homes on HGTV

Randy Nance, senior associate broker with Village Realty, will appear on the January 18th episode of “Beachfront Bargain Hunt,” airing at 8:30 pm on the HGTV network. 

Episode 508 of HGTV’s “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” spotlights Jason and Mary Mudryk from Raleigh, NC, as they search for a vacation home to accommodate their vibrant family of five. When the HGTV crew visited the Outer Banks in May of this year, it was Village Realty’s Senior Associate Broker Randy Nance who was chosen as the Realtor to assist in the home hunt. Hoping to find the property that fits their budget of $350,000, while satisfying the space requirements of both their three young boys and their plentiful houseguests, Nance guides the family as they make this important decision. The episode, featuring The Mudryks with Randy Nance, will air January 18th at 8:30 pm Eastern time on HGTV.

During the home search, the Mudryks were filmed visiting three beach homes located in South Nags Head, a location where Jason enjoyed many childhood family vacations. Nance explains that the couple was in search of “at minimum, a four-bedroom, two-bath property, close to the beach with nice ocean views; nothing that needed major renovations, but had a spacious interior for entertaining family and friends.” After visiting properties located on Altoona and Pelican streets, the family was able to find the vacation home of their dreams, while remaining within their budget.

With a reputation for “Exceptional Homes and Extraordinary Customer Service,” Village Realty has been serving homeowners and guests for more than 20 years. Licensed North Carolina real estate brokers are always on duty at one of the company’s two full-service real estate offices in Nags Head and Corolla. Village Realty’s brokers are consistently among the top producers on the Outer Banks. Village Realty is also a premier association management and vacation rental management company, representing more than 600 vacation rental homes from Corolla to South Nags Head. For more information, visit or call 855.397.2430.

“Beachfront Bargain Hunt,” will begin airing its 5th and 6th season episode list beginning New Year’s Day, Thursday nights at 8:30 pm on the HGTV channel. The program attempts to help homebuyers locate beach properties on the market for $350,000 or less. For more information about “Beachfront Bargain Hunt,” including scheduling and details, please visit the HGTV website and click the “Upcoming Episodes” button.