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Treasure Hunting on the Outer Banks

Treasure Hunting on the Outer Banks

Every now and then I love to go to those funky little shops that carry vintage, shabby chic items, antiques…you know the kind. A new version of this type of shop has surfaced, where a lot of the items are renewed and/or re-purposed. People who do this are very creative and quite imaginative. For example, taking an old dresser, cutting off the legs, painting it and adding a long cushion and some pillows on top…now you have a seating/storage bench.  Or using an old door as a headboard, vintage doorknobs added to an old board or piece of driftwood and voila, you have a hat rack or place to  hang coats, towels, scarves.   

So what is your pleasure? A mosaic birdhouse maybe?  Some license plate art that spells out “Beach Bum” or “Outer Banks”?  I saw a very interesting “chandelier” the other day at Deja New in Kitty Hawk. They used an old box spring…the actual springs..hung it from the ceiling and had string lights attached…what a wonderful, out-of-the-box idea and it looked great. I have purchased several pieces of interesting furniture here.  

Old windows, repainted, maybe decorated or maybe with a mirror added can be found. There are some beautiful versions of this at a place in Nags Head called Absolutely Outer Banks. Great items there including vintage furniture and jewelry. 

If you have the time and the interest, make a day of it while you are here. Dress down…you may be digging through stuff. But that is part of the fun.  Below is a list of places that I have been to that you might like. Good prices, friendly staff and unique items. 

Deja New is located at 3701 North Croatan Highway in Kitty Hawk. Zip is 27948. Phone: 252.261.1205. Furniture finds and art classes for the kids.

Absolutely Outer Banks:  “A multitude of artists creating an eclectic collection of handcrafted items ranging from soaps, textiles, painting, woodwork, furniture, jewelry and more!”. Located at 5000 South Croatan Highway in Nags Head. Phone: 252.255.1606.  

Class and Trash at OBX is a big place, with lots of stuff. Located at 906 South Croatan Highway in Kill Devil Hills. Phone is 252.715.4412. Antiques and thrift shop items. Stuff sells quickly here…there are some real finds at great prices. 

seagreen gallery…the fine art of reuse. Lot of really interesting, pretty, funky and fun things here. 

Revival Road: ” Local Artisan Handmade and Re-purposed Furniture and Home Decor.”  Located at 2910 South Croatan Highway in Nags Head. This is the Nags Head Square Shopping Center and there is at least one more antique shop here but I cannot remember the name. 

There are other places but since I have not been to many of them yet I will wait to tell you about those later. When you go, dress down, and yes, you can bargain…at some of them anyway. Some are consignment shops so no discounts may be available.  I say dress down because you may end up picking through stuff. 

Until next time, 

Your Outer Banks Blogger