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It’s not just the stunning landscapes and pristine beaches that draw visitors year-round; it’s the vibrant tapestry of annual events that infuse life and culture into this unique destination. From the blossoming excitement of spring to the sun-soaked days of summer, the crisp air of fall, and even the winter’s chill, the Outer Banks plays host to a calendar filled with captivating festivals, celebrating everything from seafood to kites. Join us as we dive into the best annual events that define each season on the Outer Banks, offering a compelling reason to explore this coastal gem, no matter the time of year.

Spring Events

East Eggstravaganza

Visiting the Outer Banks for the “Fly Into Spring Kite Festival” and “Eggstravaganza” promises an unforgettable springtime experience that combines the beauty of the season with the joy of family-friendly festivities. The “Fly Into Spring Kite Festival” offers a mesmerizing visual display of colorful kites soaring in the fresh spring air. The skill and artistry of kite flyers, along with an array of unique and elaborate kites, make this event a captivating spectacle for all ages. The accompanying “Eggstravaganza” brings the excitement of Easter egg hunts, interactive family activities, and the opportunity to meet the Easter Bunny. Whether you’re a kite enthusiast, a family looking for holiday fun, or someone simply seeking a lively springtime atmosphere, these events offer something for everyone. With both free admission and a nominal fee for the egg hunts, these celebrations are a perfect way to usher in spring on the Outer Banks, offering the ideal blend of tradition and entertainment against the backdrop of one of the most scenic coastlines in the United States. Don’t miss the chance to create cherished memories and soak up the joys of the season on the Outer Banks with these two remarkable events.

When is the Fly Into Spring Kite Festival and Easter Eggstravaganza?

Fly into Spring and the Easter Eggstravaganza typically occur during the Easter holiday season, which falls on a different date each year. Easter is based on the lunar calendar and usually falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox. As a result, Easter can fall anywhere between late March and late April.

Why Do People Love the Fly Into Spring Festival and Easter Eggstavaganza?

The “Fly Into Spring Kite Festival” and “Eggstravaganza” on the Outer Banks hold a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors alike. What people love most about these events is the sense of pure, unadulterated joy they bring. The kite festival, with its vibrant kites gracefully dancing in the sky, captures the essence of spring and fills the air with a contagious enthusiasm. It’s a visual feast that appeals to all ages, and the chance to watch expert kite flyers showcase their talents is a highlight. Meanwhile, the “Eggstravaganza” adds a delightful layer of tradition and community to the season. Families and friends come together to celebrate Easter with lively egg hunts, interactive games, and cherished moments with the Easter Bunny. The sense of togetherness, the laughter of children hunting for eggs, and the opportunity to create lasting memories make these events beloved by many. Both the kite festival and “Eggstravaganza” embody the spirit of spring, offering an irresistible blend of visual delight and cherished traditions that keep people coming back year after year.

Elizabethian Gardens Eastertide

Located on Roanoke Island, these gardens are a true horticultural gem, designed to reflect the Elizabethan era. The event allows visitors to explore this historical and botanical treasure while celebrating Easter, creating a distinct blend of history and holiday festivity. Additionally, the gardens are often home to beautiful sculptures and statues, which provide an additional layer of visual and cultural richness to the event. These historical and artistic elements add a unique dimension to the traditional Easter celebrations and make “Eastertide in the Gardens” a distinctive and enriching experience.

When is the Elizabethan Gardens Eastertide in the Gardens?

“Elizabethan Gardens Eastertide in the Gardens” typically takes place in the spring, around the Easter holiday. The exact dates can vary from year to year, as they are often timed to coincide with the Easter season, which falls on different dates each year, typically in late March or April.

Why Do People Love the Elizabethan Gardens Eastertide in the Gardens?

One of the most cherished aspects of “Eastertide in the Gardens” at the Elizabethan Gardens is the enchanting ambiance it provides. Visitors revel in the beauty of the meticulously manicured gardens, bursting with colorful blooms and the fragrant scents of spring. The event often features Easter egg hunts, arts and crafts for children, live music, and visits from the Easter Bunny. Families, in particular, love the opportunity to come together in this idyllic setting, creating special holiday memories and enjoying the peaceful surroundings. The combination of nature’s beauty and Easter festivities makes this event a delightful experience for all ages.

Kelly’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a cherished event that brings the luck of the Irish to this coastal community. Each year, locals and visitors alike come together to revel in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with a distinctive OBX twist. This parade stands out not only for its festive green attire and creative floats but also for the sense of community it fosters. The vibrant procession, complete with marching bands, dancers, and an array of themed entries, winds its way through the charming streets of the Outer Banks, creating an electric and inclusive atmosphere. As the parade passes by, you’ll hear the melodies of Irish tunes and the contagious laughter of both young and old, celebrating the essence of this Irish holiday with a touch of coastal flair.

When Is Kelly’s Annual St. Patrick’s Parade?

Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been a traditional and annual event on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is a well-loved and long-standing tradition that typically takes place on or around St. Patrick’s Day in March… usually on the weekend.

What Do People Love About Kelly’s Annual St. Patrick’s Parade?

Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade on the Outer Banks is beloved for numerous reasons. Firstly, it ushers in a festive and vibrant atmosphere, with participants and onlookers alike donning various shades of green, adorned in creative costumes and accessories that reflect the celebratory spirit of the holiday. The parade radiates a strong sense of community, uniting locals and visitors in a shared celebration of Irish culture and the joy of the season. It’s a family-friendly event that offers something for everyone, from the colorful floats and marching bands to the cheerful atmosphere, making it an occasion that both children and adults can enjoy. The parade encapsulates the welcoming and inclusive spirit of the Outer Banks, making it an annual highlight that people eagerly anticipate and cherish.

Taste of the Beach  (Various Locations)

Taste of The Beach

The Taste of the Beach is a culinary extravaganza that tantalizes the taste buds and celebrates the vibrant flavors of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This exceptional event, eagerly awaited by food enthusiasts and visitors alike, is a delectable journey through the rich culinary landscape of this coastal paradise. As the salt-tinged breeze mingles with the aroma of savory dishes, the Taste of the Beach offers a unique opportunity to savor the freshest seafood, regional specialties, and innovative creations prepared by talented chefs. With a backdrop of stunning coastal views and a warm sense of community, this gastronomic festival captures the essence of the Outer Banks’ unique culinary culture, making it a must-attend event for those seeking a memorable and flavorful experience.

When is Taste of the Beach?

The Taste of the Beach on the Outer Banks typically takes place in the spring, often in the month of March or early April.

Why Do People Love Taste of the Beach?

One of the most appealing aspects of the Taste of the Beach OBX is the opportunity to explore the diverse and delicious culinary scene of the Outer Banks. Attendees can indulge in a wide array of food and beverage offerings, including fresh seafood, regional specialties, and innovative creations crafted by local chefs. People appreciate the chance to sample a variety of flavors, from traditional Outer Banks fare to more contemporary and international cuisine. Additionally, the event often includes interactive cooking classes, wine and beer tastings, and the chance to meet and learn from skilled chefs, adding an educational and immersive element to the culinary experience.

Outer Banks Bike Week (Various Locations)

Outer Banks Bike Week

A unique aspect of “Outer Banks Bike Week” is the chance to explore the less-traveled coastal roads of the Outer Banks. While many people associate the area with popular beach destinations, the event encourages riders to explore the hidden gems and less crowded routes, revealing a different side of this coastal paradise. The event is also known for its commitment to safety, often promoting responsible riding and encouraging participants to follow local traffic laws and respect the natural beauty of the Outer Banks. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts to bond with like-minded individuals and discover the unique charm of this coastal region from the saddle of their bikes.

When is Outer Banks Bike Week?

“Outer Banks Bike Week” typically occurs in the spring, often in the month of April. The exact dates may vary slightly from year to year, but it’s generally timed to coincide with the arrival of milder weather and the onset of the riding season.

Why Do People Love about Outer Banks Bike Week?

What draws motorcycle enthusiasts to “Outer Banks Bike Week” is the combination of scenic rides, camaraderie, and the coastal charm of the Outer Banks. Participants revel in the opportunity to explore the picturesque coastal roads and bridges, taking in the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Currituck Sound. The event also features bike shows where riders can showcase their prized machines and take pride in their passion. The live music performances add to the festive atmosphere, allowing attendees to unwind and enjoy the local music scene. The sense of community and shared love for the open road make this event a beloved annual gathering for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Summer Events

Dare Days

Manteo, where Dare Days is typically held, is known for its rich history, including its connection to the Roanoke Colony and the Lost Colony story. The event often incorporates elements of this history into its festivities, providing an educational and cultural dimension to the celebration. Additionally, the festival often features a wide array of local and regional crafts, allowing attendees to explore the diverse artistic talent within the community. Dare Days is an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in the culture and history of the Outer Banks while enjoying a day of fun and entertainment.

When is Dare Days?

Dare Days, an annual event in the picturesque town of Manteo, nestled in the heart of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, typically unfolds its festivities during the warm and inviting month of June. This vibrant event has become a celebrated tradition, eagerly awaited by locals and visitors alike, as it marks the official start of the summer season in this coastal haven. With the promise of longer days and sun-kissed shores, Dare Days embodies the essence of summer, offering a unique blend of small-town charm, community camaraderie, and a rich tapestry of local culture.

Why Do People Love Dare Days?

Dare Days is cherished for its embodiment of small-town charm and community spirit. Visitors and locals alike appreciate the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the event. It often includes a wide range of activities such as craft vendors, live music, parades, and food stalls, making it a family-friendly and diverse celebration. The event allows attendees to connect with the local community and experience the unique character of Manteo and the Outer Banks. People love the opportunity to support local artisans, enjoy live entertainment, and partake in traditional festivities that reflect the region’s heritage.

The event is held at the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, the very place where the Wright brothers achieved the first powered, controlled, sustained flight in 1903. This historical backdrop adds a special dimension to the festival, connecting the modern celebration of kite flying with the pioneering spirit of aviation. It’s a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the significance of this site while enjoying the art of kite flying. Additionally, the festival often features a wide range of kites, from traditional diamond-shaped kites to innovative and artistic designs, providing a diverse and captivating visual display for attendees.

When is the Wright Kite Festival?

The Wright Kite Festival typically takes place in the summer, often in the month of July.

Why Do People Love Dare Days?

One of the most beloved aspects of the Wright Kite Festival is the mesmerizing sight of colorful kites filling the sky above the dunes of the Outer Banks. Visitors and locals alike are captivated by the artistry and skill of kite flyers who come to showcase their talents. The event creates a joyous and family-friendly atmosphere, where people of all ages can watch the kites take flight and even participate in kite-flying themselves. The festival often includes kite-making workshops for children, adding an interactive and educational element that makes it particularly appealing to families. Beyond the kites, the event typically features live music, food vendors, and the opportunity to explore the picturesque surroundings, making it a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.



One unique aspect of the Duck Jazz Festival is its setting on the Duck Town Green. This expansive, grassy area provides a natural amphitheater, allowing attendees to spread out comfortably while listening to the music. It’s a scenic and peaceful location, and the festival typically welcomes people of all ages, making it a wonderful way for families to spend an enjoyable day together. Additionally, the Duck Jazz Festival often emphasizes a sense of community and cultural enrichment, with a commitment to celebrating jazz music and fostering an appreciation for this genre within the Outer Banks community. It’s a testament to the region’s diverse cultural offerings and its dedication to bringing people together through the universal language of music.

When is the Duck Jazz Festival?

The Duck Jazz Festival is an eagerly anticipated and delightful event that typically graces the town of Duck in the Outer Banks of North Carolina during the crisp and inviting month of October. With autumn’s gentle breezes rustling through the trees and the town’s charming Duck Town Green serving as the stage, this festival ushers in a unique and relaxing musical experience that captivates attendees of all ages. The setting itself is a testament to the festival’s welcoming and community-oriented nature. The vast expanse of the Duck Town Green provides a natural amphitheater, allowing festivalgoers to spread out comfortably, whether on blankets, chairs, or picnic spreads, creating a warm and inclusive ambiance.

Why Do People Love the Duck Jazz Festival?

One of the most cherished aspects of the Duck Jazz Festival is the exceptional music and the inviting atmosphere it offers. Visitors and locals alike appreciate the opportunity to enjoy live jazz performances in a beautiful outdoor setting. The festival features a diverse lineup of jazz artists, encompassing various styles and talents, making it a delightful experience for jazz enthusiasts and those new to the genre. People love the laid-back and family-friendly ambiance, with many attendees bringing blankets, chairs, and picnics to enjoy the music while relaxing on the picturesque Duck Town Green. The festival often includes food and drink vendors, adding to the overall enjoyment of the day.

Oink & Oyster Roast (Kitty Hawk)

Oink and Oyster Roasts are festive gatherings that bring people together to savor a delightful combination of freshly shucked oysters and roasted or barbecued pork. These events often occur in the fall or winter months, offering a warm and communal atmosphere for attendees to enjoy good food, live music, and social connections. They are frequently organized by charitable organizations and Rotary Clubs to raise funds for local causes and community projects. Oink and Oyster Roasts provide a perfect blend of culinary delights, community spirit, and philanthropy, making them a popular and cherished tradition in many coastal communities.

When is the Oink & Oyster Roast?

The specific date for Oink and Oyster Roast events, including the one hosted by the First Flight Rotary Club in Kitty Hawk, can vary from year to year. These events are often held during the fall and winter months, typically from late October to early December.

Why Do People Love the Oink and Oyster Roast?

What people often adore about Oink and Oyster Roast events like the one hosted by the First Flight Rotary Club in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, is the delightful fusion of culinary indulgence, community camaraderie, and the satisfaction of supporting a good cause. These gatherings offer a diverse menu that satisfies a range of tastes, featuring everything from freshly shucked oysters to savory roasted or barbecued pork. The mix of flavors provides a mouthwatering experience that draws attendees from near and far. Additionally, the warm and welcoming community atmosphere is a significant draw, with both locals and visitors coming together to share good food and create lasting memories.  Equally appealing is the knowledge that participation supports charitable endeavors and community projects, as many of these roasts are organized as fundraisers by organizations like Rotary Clubs. All of this unfolds in an inviting outdoor setting, making Oink and Oyster Roasts a cherished occasion where people can savor the tastes, sounds, and social connections of their community.

The Outer Banks Seafood Festival is its commitment to sustainability and the support of local fishermen and seafood producers. The event often emphasizes the importance of responsible and ethical fishing practices, promoting the region’s fishing heritage while ensuring the long-term health of its seafood resources. This focus on sustainability adds an educational and environmental dimension to the festival, making it not only a culinary celebration but also an opportunity to learn about the Outer Banks’ commitment to preserving its seafood traditions for future generations.

When is the OBX Seafood Festival?

The Outer Banks Seafood Festival typically takes place in the fall, often in October. However, specific dates may vary from year to year, so it’s advisable to check the event’s official website or contact the organizers for the most up-to-date information.

Why Do People Love the OBX Seafood Festival?

One of the most beloved aspects of the Outer Banks Seafood Festival is the celebration of the region’s rich seafood heritage. Visitors and locals alike appreciate the opportunity to sample a wide variety of freshly prepared seafood dishes, showcasing the Outer Banks’ bountiful coastal cuisine. From steamed crabs to fish tacos, shrimp, and oysters, there’s a diverse range of flavors to explore. The festival often features live music, art vendors, and family-friendly activities, creating an engaging and lively atmosphere. People love the sense of community and the chance to learn about the local seafood industry while enjoying delicious food.

Unwind and Embrace the Outer Banks Experience with Village Realty

the cottages

Choosing to stay with Village Realty in one of the charming towns of the Outer Banks is an invitation to experience the very essence of this coastal paradise. With a range of meticulously maintained properties that cater to diverse preferences, your stay is tailored to your needs. In Corolla, the luxurious “School’s Out” and “Dutch Treat” offer idyllic oceanfront escapes. The serene beauty of Duck awaits you at “Sunrise Sail” and “Oceanfront Oasis.” In the heart of Kill Devil Hills, “Park Place” and “Deja View” provide convenient accommodations close to popular attractions. Nags Head boasts “Waves of Joy” and “Sunset Sanctuary,” while Kitty Hawk welcomes you to “The Dancing Seahorse” and “Ocean Breeze.” Whether you prefer the laid-back atmosphere of Kitty Hawk, the historic charm of Manteo, or any of the other beautiful towns, Village Realty’s dedication to exceptional service and memorable experiences ensures that your visit to the Outer Banks will be one filled with cherished moments and lasting memories.

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