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Take a Thanksgiving Vacation to the Outer Banks

Take a Thanksgiving Vacation to the Outer Banks

Glorious Fall

When a slight cooling hits the salty summer air, it’s nearly impossible not to start thinking about fall. One of the most amazing times to be alive AND on the Outer Banks is during Autumn, when all the hustle and bustle of summer has delighted thousands of visitors, and the locals start savoring the slower pace of living that returns to the beach. The warm rays of sunshine are extra pleasant, and the blooming sea oats play in the crisp ocean breeze. Sound like an ideal time to visit? You bet it is!

Right Time, Right Price

Fall vacations on the Outer Banks have become increasingly popular over the years for the very reasons listed above. Off-season pricing makes it a very tempting proposition for families looking for an affordable getaway. Late fall and early winter rental rates are a fraction of the rates for peak summer weeks, and the Outer Banks is just as beautiful! Thanksgiving especially attracts families with children since many schools and workplaces have some sort of break over the holiday. It’s not always easy getting the kiddos out of school, but there are plenty of historical attractions on the Outer Banks that can certainly be considered educational as part of your itinerary.

Open for Exploring

One of my favorite things about spending a week on the Outer Banks over Thanksgiving with family is the wide-open beach. Unlike summer or early fall, November on the OBX offers some of the best opportunities for long uninterrupted walks on the beach. The stronger nor’ easters that blow through from time to time also offer up much better shelling and treasures to be found than calmer summer waves.

Seasonal Delicacies

Another one of our Thanksgiving trip traditions is cooking oysters! We’ll get a half bushel at the local market, then bring them home for preparation and chowing down! After a thorough cleaning, about half will make their way to a steamer pot before being shucked and broiled with toppings like cheese, wilted spinach, and bacon. We fire up a charcoal grill for the other half and roast them outside while enjoying a few ice-cold beers. As most locals will tell you, the best months for enjoying fresh oysters are those that contain the letter “r,” so there’s no better time than your November getaway!

Family Time

No matter what type of feast sits at your table, there’s no better time than Thanksgiving to appreciate the company of the people present around it. Spending quality time together is an unfortunate rarity these days, so soak up all the opportunities you can to enjoy uninterrupted moments with your closest family or friends on an Outer Banks vacation. I can also tell you from personal experience over the years that celebrating a holiday on vacation amplifies the experience. We’re all pre-programmed to relish time away from work, and our regular schedule grinds of life over holidays, so adding the extra elements of being on the Outer Banks in a cozy beach home significantly adds to your enjoyment.

-Robert Kissell

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