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Seals on the Outer Banks

Seals on the Outer Banks

We have had some young harbor seals show up on our beaches this year…in Rodanthe, Buxton, Hatteras, Kill Devil Hills and Carova. They are very, very cute but be careful…they are cranky. These 40 to 60 pound seals are molting, shedding their fur and they are also resting. The Outer Banks is the southern most boundary for them.

While these juvenile seals are absolutely adorable, people should not touch them or even approach them. The seal is most likely taking a break and does not want to be disturbed. They will bite. So stay back and keep in mind that is is illegal to harass marine mammals.

If a seal bites a person, the seal must be put to sleep and that is not fair. Note that seal bites can carry the herpes virus or a nasty bacteria called mycoplasma.

You may see cuts and scrapes on these creatures. They play rough! Do not let your children approach them or try to ride them for that cute photo op. Not worth it and actually dangerous.

Take your photos from a respective distance, please. That is the memory you want to take away…

Thank you for visiting us on the Outer Banks of NC.

Your Outer Banks Blogger