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"Quarantini" Anyone?

"Quarantini" Anyone?

We know many of you are missing the Outer Banks. To help bring the Outer Banks to you, we have created a new blog series that will feature a local restaurant and a fun recipe from the restaurant that you can try at home!  

This week’s feature is Metropolis. This great restaurant is located just a few doors down from our office in Corolla, right outside of The Currituck Club’s south gate. If you’re looking for a great date night spot, you need to spend an evening here! Metropolis offers a chic, urban adult atmosphere where creativity is king. Incredible abstract art lines the walls and are illuminated by funky lava lamps as modern jazz plays in the background. Choose from handcrafted martinis that feature purees of fresh local fruit, one of their 25 single malts and craft bourbons, or something from their ever-changing wine list. Hungry? Enjoy one of their globally inspired small plates blending styles and ethnicities, reinventing classics, and focussing on the best regional seasonal seafood and produce available.  

We hope you enjoy this great recipe shared with us from the owner/operator of Metropolis Matt Kristof.  We also invite you to enjoy a meal at Metropolis during your next trip to the Outer Banks!  Many of our local businesses are missing our beloved guests and will be happy to see you once you return.

From Matt:

One of our favorite summertime cocktails at Metropolis is the Pomegranate Margarini. This flavorful Martini maintains complexity without masking the tequila with overly sweet components. With only 3 readily available ingredients this cocktail can be easily prepared and enjoyed at home. 

2 oz. Sauza Silver Tequila 

1/2 oz. Fresh lime juice 

1 oz. Pom pomegranate juice 

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain. Serve up in a Martini glass with a salt or sugar rim. Your choice. 

Metropolis is located at 520K Old Stoney Rd in Corolla.  Learn more about Metropolis and check out their delicious menus here.  Connect with Metropolis on Facebook here.  Metropolis is also a Village VIP partner and gives exclusive discounts to our guests, check out their offer here.


Written by:  Bridget Black