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Owen's Restaurant in Nags Head

Last night a friend/business associate was in town and we went to Owen’s Restaurant for dinner. Owen’s has been in business on the Outer Banks for over 65 years and serves some of the finest food you will find anywhere. The memoroabilia is very interesting and you will find it throughout the restaurant. After 65 years Owens’ Restaurant is the only restaurant on the Outer Banks still owned and operated by the founding family.

It started as a cafe in 1946 and had seating for 24 people. Bob and Clara Owens ran a small hot dog stand in Manteo from 1933 until 1946 when they opened Owen’s on the Beach Road in Nags Head.

I mentioned their collection of Outer Banks memorabilia…it is truly outstanding. You will see photos and logbooks of the US Lifesaving Service which was a forerunner to the US Coast Guard we have today. The OBX is famous for shipwrecks and the men of the the US Lifesaving Service were very dedicated in rescuing the survivors of the shipwrecks of the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

Next to where we were sitting was a display of old silver pieces and some very old oyster plates…which are not easy to find are very collectible.

We ran into several old friends…locals love Owen’s and that says a lot.

So in short…I recommend you visit Owen’s Restaurant while you are here on vacation. They serve dinner seven days a week. The specials are outstanding and the service is friendly. 252-441-7309