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Outer Banks Tips

Outer Banks Tips

Some tips from some Outer Banks locals and visitors to make your vacation even better
Make a tape recording (or a cell phone recording) of the waves for your child. The best time to do this is when the waves are somewhat noisy so we suggest you do this before a storm or at high tide. If your son or daughter is old enough, let them stand close, but a safe distance from, the edge of the water. Maybe they want to sing something or say something while recording. Their choice, their production. Play their recording at night, before bedtime. Good for you. And BONUS…The sound of the waves just might put them to sleep.

If you have little ones, take an inflatable pool to the beach. Fill it with ocean water. They will play in it safely and you don’t have to worry about the ocean waves knocking them down. You might want to rent a tent for shade if you plan on being at the beach all day.

For the somewhat older kids…give each one his/her own disposable camera for the day (or week) and let him take photos of anything he wants. One camera…so they will learn patience while choosing those special photo opportunities. Remind them about keeping their camera in a plastic bag so it does not get sand in it and does not get wet. Once you are home, get the film developed and help your little photographers put their favorite shots in an album, scrapbook or a frame. Happy memories preserved!

Explore A Tidal Pool…fun, safe and educational. After high tide the ocean water recedes and pools up at water’s edge. Here is where your child can look for starfish, crabs, snails, mollusks and other sea creatures. Teach your children to treat these creatures with respect and care as they are little communities with living creatures. Talk to your child while she is looking at these sea animals and ask her what she sees…colors, textures, movements, etc.

For the family…take a posed photo of everyone…or just a few people. Each time you come back to the Outer Banks, get the same people to pose in the same location if possible. You have a timeline of vacations for your family.

If you have a big group and want to go out to eat…call the restaurant and let them know. They will appreciate the heads up and it may shorten your wait.

Please shop locally owned shops…it will be much appreciated. Ask your Village Realty front desk people where to go for gifts for you or family members. They can also give you tips on best restaurants for kids and for a romantic night out.

Before you head to the beach put a damp washcloth in a plastic bag and throw it in the cooler. Great refresher and also good for getting rid of some sand.

Buy a container of baby powder and bring with you. Put some on your feet and the sand falls off right away!

There are more but we will save those for another day/another blog.

Until Next Time
Your Outer Banks Blogger