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Outer Banks Restaurant Tour -- Kitty Hawk

Outer Banks Restaurant Tour--Kitty Hawk

Two more Village Realty People took the Outer Banks Restaurant Tour last week–this time it was the Kitty Hawk Tour. Teresa wrote up her thoughts on what she said was a fun night. If you are looking for something fun and different to do and would like to try some restaurants you haven’t been to then Outer Banks Restaurant Tour is the way to go.

Monday afternoon I was heading to Kitty Hawk to meet our tour guide Terry Bell and start our tour. Our first stop was Coastal Provisions. We were greeted by Dan Lewis, Owner/Chef, who gave us a brief history of the restaurant and then offered a very good wine, Meyer-Fonne Edelzwicker , which was fun to try and pronounce. Our tasting there was the best crab cakes with spicy remoulade sauce over bluegrass mustard slaw. I don’t think you will find better crab cakes!

Our next stop was OBX Trio. Jennifer Minnich, owner welcomed us and gave us the tour, showing us the Wine Stations, which are dispensing systems that feature 24 cellar condition wines, that you can try by the taste, half or full glass. What a great way to try some different wines. They have 250 plus beers and over 50 artisinal cheeses also. We headed upstairs where we were given tastings of five wines, all from North Carolina. Sharon Hutteman our wine educator was delightful and so knowledgeable of every wine being served. Our menu there was, Trio Roasted Nut Mix, Smokey Goat Piquillo Cheese with celery, and a delicious slice of cheese with apple chutney.

Jumping in the van and enjoying conversation with the group we headed to Bad Bean Baja Grill. Chef Matt Payne greeted us and started our tasting with a Margarita (small sample) very yummy and fresh made guacamole and chips. Everything is made fresh there, nothing out of the can says Matt. We also had shrimp ceviche with a plantain chip and a dry spice rubbed rib over poblano slaw with chimmichurri sauce. Both things were delectable.

Our fourth stop was Ocean Boulevard Bistro and Martini Bar. We took a tour of the restaurant, which has some cool dining areas upstairs, as we were shown by Owner, Donny King. Here we dined outside, eating shrimp on curry aioli topped with arugula, veal meatloaf topped with barbecue sauce, shredded pork barbecue, and fresh mozzarella. Enjoying the ocean breeze and our wine or beer we had time to get to know our new group of friends.

Our last stop was Good Life Gourmet where Laura treated us to some very tasty desserts, cranberry cookies, chocolate chip cookies, oreo brownies, peanut butter brownies and wine. I believe we were all content and full by then.

What a great way to spend the afternoon, wine, great food and making new friends!

What a great way to spend the afternoon, wine, great food and making new friends!