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Outer Banks Nostalgia: Businesses of Yesteryear

Outer Banks Nostalgia: Businesses of Yesteryear

Let’s take a nostalgic trip down the ol’ Outer Banks memory lane and play a little game of “Do you remember…?” as we reminisce about the older Outer Banks businesses and OBX shops that have come and gone.

Do you remember the old Kmart? It was the last one operating in North Carolina before it closed down. The building has undergone a much-needed makeover and upgrades and is now home to Target! And if you recall, Beach Road Bar and Grill used to be Miller’s Pharmacy, complete with a soda fountain. Today, it’s Mulligan’s Restaurant. But before it was Mulligan’s, it was known as Bad Barracudas. Oh, the memories!

Firefly was once a revamped restaurant in Nags Head, formerly known as Prime Only. The building is now occupied by the Fraternal Order of Eagles, who are hard at work getting repairs and rebuilding after an electrical fire. But do you remember when Prime Only was in the building that Red Drum Restaurant now occupies on Beach Road in Nags Head? Before that, it was Your Office by the Sea, selling paper, staples, and office supplies.

And what about the Speak Easy that was once part of the Outer Banks? Grandstaff & Stein was its name before it closed down and became Noosa Beach Grill. Goombays Grill near MilePost 7 in Kill Devil Hills was once The Whaling Station, and JK’s Restaurant was formerly known as Captain Daves and then Chardos. Bob’s Restaurant used to be Zeros Sub Shop. And who could forget Pamlico Jacks, formerly known as Penguin Isle? Now owned by the Tourism Board since 2019, with plans to include the grounds as part of the expansion of the Soundside Event Site.

Chili Peppers was once known as Newbys Sub Shop, and New York Pizza was formerly Night Flight. And do you remember when Dirty Dicks used to be Slammin’ Sammys, and before that, it was Sweetwaters? Such great memories!

Even popular chain restaurants have changed over the years in the Outer Banks. La Fogatas used to be an Applebees, and Ladles Soup now occupies the old Arby’s building. TL’s has taken over the old Hardees in Manteo.

We can’t forget about the buildings that have come and gone in the area too. Waffle World, Etheridges, and Coastal Edge Surf Shop are just a few facilities that are no longer standing. RV’s on the Causeway is now Sugar Creek and Ortegas in Manteo used to be the Green Dolphin Pub. Georges Junction and The Galleon are gone, making way for houses. Even the Colony Theater is now a residential area.

As we wrap up our nostalgic trip down memory lane, it’s clear that the Outer Banks has seen its fair share of businesses come and go. The memories they’ve left behind will always remain. So next time you’re driving down Beach Road or exploring Manteo, take a moment to reflect on the businesses that used to be and the memories they’ve created. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be telling your own “Do you remember…?” story.

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