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Outer Banks Netflix Series is in The Works

Outer Banks Netflix Series is in The Works

Love the Outer Banks? Do you also like binging on a new thrilling show series on Netflix? Well, you’re in luck!

According to an article published by the Fayetteville Observer, the Outer Banks is the heart and center of a new series scheduled to be coming to Netflix. The name is “OBX” and it is being created by a Wilmington, NC resident Jonas Pate. The series will follow along with four teenagers in a fictional town on the Outer Banks and captures their experience when a hurricane hits and brings down all power, communication, and the internet with it. Pate suggests it will be entertaining for viewers to witness the dilemmas of having smartphones and Snapchat services down for teenagers who use them as lifelines.

The filming location is still up in the air, with pressure from Netflix to shoot in South Carolina and Pate wishing to remain true to North Carolina and Wilmington roots. Pate also notes there is a very likely chance the project would qualify for NC state grant monies which are awarded to films featuring “identifiable attractions or state locales in a manner that would be reasonably expected to induce visitation by nonresidents.”

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