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Outer Banks Beach Report - August 17, 2016

The water has been unbelievable the past weeks on the Outer Banks! Don’t believe me? Check out this blog post about all the recent days with amazing conditions. 

Today I went just north of Jennette’s Pier for some footage to share. The sun had the “feels like” temperatures cranked up over 100°, so it was in the water or in the shade for most beach goers. The surf has been relatively calm, with a few waist-high waves popping up now and again. While that sounds disappointing for surfers, it’s normal for the dog days of summer and makes for great paddleboarding and kayaking. Water temps have been bouncing back and forth between the low 80s and upper 60s… depending on which way the wind likes to blow for the day.

Fishing the surf has been a bit slow, but the offshore action is in full swing with both the Alice Kelly Memorial Tournament and the Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament taking place this week. You can read more on the Pirate’s Cove Marina Facebook page.

Now, without further ado, I give you 60 seconds of OBX enjoyment. Thanks for stopping by!

-Robert Kissell