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Outer Banks Beach Nourishment 2019

Outer Banks Beach Nourishment 2019

Besides being one of the most family-friendly vacation destinations on earth, the Outer Banks are undoubtedly popular at least in part due to their mesmerizing geography and everything that goes along with being an untamed wonder of nature. As a barrier island chain protruding into the sometimes volatile Atlantic Ocean, the Outer Banks are particularly susceptible to beach erosion, and from time to time enhancements are required to keep the beaches wide and open so they can be enjoyed by visitors and locals alike.

2019 is no different. After a large overhaul of beach nourishment in the towns of Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, and Duck in 2017, the Town of Nags Head will once again be conducting a beach nourishment project this year, starting in May and slated to last possibly into October.

Beach Nourishment can sound daunting or confusing, but it’s a relatively simple process that has been perfected by the contractors serving our communities. Large ships called dredges collect sand from selected areas offshore and through a system of pipes relocate it on the beaches. The work is done expeditiously and in small sections at a time, so no piece of fun oceanfront beach is closed for any longer than necessary. Crews often get hundreds of yards completed in just a day and the section of beach reopened immediately.

More information from The Town of Nags Head:

Plans call for sand to be placed on 10 miles of beach from the Bonnett Street public beach access at 2919 South Virginia Dare Trail (near Mile Post 11) south to the town line with the National Park Service (near Mile Post 21). The Town does not expect to have a schedule for the project until late April 2019. The schedule is very dynamic and will likely change often as weather conditions and other issue arise. More than one section of the beach could be impacted during the project and the project progression will likely not be linear, meaning that it won’t start at one end of town and proceed to the other end.   

For more information such as FAQs, visit the Dare County’s beach nourishment web site, The web site is a collaborative effort between the county and its municipalities to provide a resource for information on all of the area’s beach nourishment projects. 

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