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In the olden days...

In the olden days...

I wish that I had thought to write down things, take photos and pass on memories from back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s here on the Outer Banks. There are so many places that are gone…but, thankfully, lots of buildings that have been re-purposed and now are home for thriving businesses and shops.And many others that are still here and doing fine although they may have been renovated some. Let’s get started. Take a walk with me down memory lane. We’ll take the Beach Road first.

Stop n’ Shop is one of those little shops that locals and visitors love. I used to live on Carlton Avenue, which is right behind the store, and I would walk there several times a week to get groceries. And, I could CHARGE It!  Yes, really. So, my little girls and I would go to the beach first and on the way home stop and get something for dinner. They had a great butcher there, I think his name was Dennis. And older couple owned and then it was purchased by the Dough family, Mike and his brother…Rodney. So friendly and such a nice place to shop. It was a lot smaller than it is now and there were not all the flip flops and sunglasses and things like there are now. It was food and groceries and fishing stuff…gotta have those! Photo from Keith Dough. 

Speaking of the Beach Road, that has changed too. Well, not so much the road as what is on either side of it. Houses!  You can see the photo showing the corner of Ferris and Memorial Blvd, Kill Devil Hills, around MP 8. This was taken in 1978, six years after I got here. Photo by David Bird. 

From what I understand, The Carolinian Hotel (now gone) was a great place to go back in the day. Fashion Shows, parties, memories. It was still here when I moved here and I do remember going to a few events there and there was a great restaurant. The building was so sturdy and many bands came to perform in the big room downstairs. Lots of sad people when the building was torn down. Chip Py had posted some photos in the Outer Banks Vintage Scrapbook Page and i borrowed them for this blog. The deck was really big and there was live music, battle of the bands, swimsuit contests and more. The photo is of one of their famous ‘Best Body on the Beach’ contests

Owen’s Restaurant has been here forever, but it did not always look like it does now. This Outer Banks favorite has been here since the 1940’s and is owned by the same family. While the building looks different, the food is still wonderful and it is a place that I always recommend to visitors. 

Back in the day, if you wanted a fresh limeade or lemonade, chicken salad sandwich, prescription meds, and perfumes, sun tan lotion and lots more, you went to Miller’s Pharmacy in Nags Head. There was a real soda fountain there, and it was fabulous. Bobby Miller was the pharmacist and just as nice as he could be. He would even deliver medicine to you if you could not get out. Miller’s building then became Beach Road Bar and Grill…then Mulligans…now Thumper’s Bar and Grill. Mulligan’s moved to to their current location near Mile Post 13, across from Jockey’s Ridge. But, before it was Mulligan’s it was a restaurant called Bad Barracuda’s, which was owned by same family as Awful Arthurs. 

Booty Treats, great ice cream and frozen treats, is also on the Beach Road near MP 13. It was formerly the home of R&R Junction, a funky and fun jewelry shop. Before then it was a surf shop. 

If you have been here before you may have heard of the Jolly Roger Restaurant, Mile Post 7. Open every day of the year. Known for big servings, good breakfasts, karaoke, and the Christmas decor that is there all year. Before it was Jolly Roger, it was Dean’s Place. 

Jennette’s Pier has been here a long time. Now it is very modern and very big. You can see two photos of it, one from 1947 and one from the 60’s.  

Times change, people do too (sometimes) and progress happens. I am glad I was able to bring my daughters up here. More next time. 

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