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KDH OBX Roller Derby Brigade

KDH OBX Roller Derby Brigade

Roller Derby on the Outer Banks? I think so!

Reading over the Outer Banks Voice this morning I saw the “Rolling with the KDH Derby Brigade” and it really caught my attention. I hardly knew what Roller Derby was at all but from doing some research and checking out some of the pictures that the KDDB has to offer, i now have a lot more insight on how much work and technique roller derby takes ever than before!

Founded in August 2010 these Derby Ladies mean business!

According to the Outer Banks Voice, as many as 15 women meet three times a week at the outdoor skate rink at Aviation Park in Kill Devil Hills timing laps and learning new techniques to sharpen up for the Outer Banks latest sporting uproar…Roller Derby!

I would have never expected roller derby to come about on the OBX but all this hard work isnt just for kicks! Ladies ranging from 21 to 43 join together in training to meet the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s strict competition standards!

It’s so nice to see a local group with true dedication getting out and working hard toward something they all want to accomplish and enjoy together. Who knows roller derby may be the next BIG hit on the OBX!!

Check out more from the KDDB on
their website:

Good Luck Ladies!