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How Do I Choose the Best Outer Banks Vacation Rental?

How Do I Choose the Best Outer Banks Vacation Rental?

So you need help picking your Outer Banks vacation rental? That’s no problem! The team at Village Realty has helped countless travelers to the Outer Banks find and book the perfect vacation rental for their specific needs.

Here are the most common factors that will influence what you really need to find the perfect rental home. 


This should be one of the most primary concerns when looking to find the best rental home for your needs. You should have a certain head count and relatively good idea of sleeping arrangements before embarking on a OBX rental home search. While the exact arrangements can vary depending on the layout and bed options at individual homes, your number of guests most likely will not, so pay extra attention to this. Also, you should never sell yourself short or try to squeeze too many people if a home cannot accommodate them. Each of our rental homes have occupancy maximums set for safety reasons, AND you really may find yourself feeling too crowded up if you try pushing the envelope. Find the perfect number of bedrooms for your family, and don’t settle for less!


This is another big factor for anyone taking a beach vacation… especially the Outer Banks since there are many different beach zones and views on our island chain. Since the Outer Banks has many towns along the two hour or so drive, different vacation rental companies may specialize in certain areas of the Outer Banks. While Oceanfront homes are the most desirable for many reasons, think about how you plan to spend your time on vacation to determine where you really should be looking to rent. If you plan to go to the beach most days and don’t mind a short walk, consider anything from Oceanfront to Oceanside. If you may not frequent the beach as often, or feel fine driving to a beach access, consider a Soundfront or Soundside home. These homes are often overlooked and have the most spectacular sunset views. Unless you’re a super early riser, you may miss that sunrise… so a sunset on the water may make an excellent alternative. Oceanfront homes are also a very sought after option as they present a nice value proposition. The rent is normally less than any waterfront homes, and you’re within walking distance of the beach (in most cases) and located in close proximity to the roadways so you can get out and about on your vacation.


Now that size and location are out of the way… start to think about what you need to have in your vacation rental. Does your group require a swimming pool? While the ocean offers a great swim, groups with younger children sometimes prefer a private or community pool for the kids to splash around in. Elevators are also a very popular amenity for large groups or those needing assistance with accessing upper levels of a home. Other popular amenities include hot tubs, fireplaces, pet friendly, and game rooms. The amenities in your OBX rental home should be prioritized while you search. Keep one or two at the top of your list as “must haves” and make sure you’re flexible on some others so you don’t have trouble picking the right home.


How Do I Choose the Best Outer Banks Vacation Rental?

It’s a part of life… the budget that you have for your trip can also a big part of your decision making. If price is paramount in your selection, use some of the tips above to stretch your budget and get even more out of your home and vacation for your buck. By switching locations or scratching an unnecessary amenity you could swing $1,000 here and there very quickly. If price is no object, it still pays to have an idea of what you’d like to spend and keep your amenity and location needs in mind.

Additional Features

Did you miss anything? Again, think of everybody in your traveling party and what particular needs they may have during the week. Is the ice maker or wine cooler in a home going to be extra appreciated? Is the hammock on the back deck going to be used every day? Little extra features and amenities each of our homes offer may make a key difference in the enjoyment of your vacation. Take plenty of time to explore all property photos, floor plans, and amenity information. You may find that a home features something you overlooked previously, and that you or a family member will really enjoy what it offers during your stay.

Vacation Rental Company

Once you know the type of home you need, where it should be located, what should be in it, and what you’d like to pay for it, you’ll have to decide on the best company to rent from. At Village Realty, we represent over 600 rental homes on the Outer Banks… and strive to provide you with an unmatched level of customer service and commitment to quality. The vacation homes we represent are all independently owned by real people, and are professionally managed under our care.

All of our vacations include your bath towels plus beds made before your arrival. We also offer easy keyless entry and WiFi internet in every home. Our selection is also very large… covering the entire beach from Nags Head to Corolla. No matter where you choose to rent, we do invite you to experience a Village Realty vacation. Repeat customers and pleasant Outer Banks memories are the reason for our continued success… and we’d be delighted to include you in our family of guests.

-Robert Kissell


Now that we’ve covered the steps needed to find the perfect Outer Banks rental home, you should probably start searching! Below are some quick links to get you on your way: