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A Holiday Wish List from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund

A Holiday Wish List from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Dear Santa,

We have been very good horses this year and we hope you and the reindeer will stop and visit us again!            

Here is our Wish List for the holidays….                        

  • Visa gift cards to use for horse feed, buckets, wormer, and other barn supplies.
  • ​200 feet of ½ inch cable for fence repairs on the beach. (approx. $300)
  • Six (6) heavy duty tire gauges for vehicles. (approx. $10/each)
  • A full tool box for the barn. ($300.00)
  • A small tool box for the office ($50)
  • Four (4) mid-priced digital cameras for sanctuary patrol and the herd manager.
  • A handheld vacuum cleaner for our vehicles.
  • Two (2) Samsung Galaxy Tablet cases ($80/2)
  • A two line cordless office phone system. ($300)
  • Website sponsorships ($1500/year)
  • Passage of the Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act.
  • A philanthropist who will buy land for us so we can be safe, wild and free!
  • Peace for all wild horses.
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Corolla Wild Horse Fund

horse in sand
  • The Mission of the Coroll Wild Horse Fund:

    To protect, conserve, and responsibly manage the herd of wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs roaming freely on the northernmost Currituck Outer Banks, and to promote the continued preservation of this land as a permanent sanctuary for horses designated as the State Horse and defined as a cultural treasure by the state of North Carolina.