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Guest Blog: The Mumper Family

Guest Blog: The Mumper Family

The employees of Village Realty embarked on our traditional holiday season fundraising efforts in support of our local Angel Gift Fund.  In the past, Village Realty’s marketing department, with the help of other departments, hosted a Breakfast with Santa event. Due to the pandemic, we had to rethink our fundraising strategy and opted for a safer fundraiser. We decided to offer a raffle for a $1,000 gift certificate toward a stay with us. The raffle was a huge success, and through the purchase of raffle tickets, the marketing department was able to raise $2,220.53.

After the raffle was completed, our marketing director tallied the entrants. Using an online randomizer, the winner was randomly selected. The winner was declared to be  Michael Mumper. Our entire marketing department was immediately excited for the Mumper family; we are always so happy to welcome a family to the beautiful Outer Banks. Shortly after we contacted Mr. Mumper to let him know that he had won, he responded with excitement and enthusiasm. He wrote, “when I have more time, I’ll tell you the story of how we first got connected to Village Realty.” 

A few days later, we received a touching story that warmed our hearts. It turns out the Mumper family has chosen to rent a home from us ten times over the years! We hope you enjoy his story as much as we did:

“I started coming to the Outer Banks with my parents in the early ’70s. We camped at a campground on the north end of Roanoke Island called Sand Piper’s Trace. Now a gated community of some sort. I’ve played miniature golf on the pirate ship that is currently under the sand at the edge of Jockey’s Ridge.

“Eventually, my parents moved from camping to renting a beachfront house in South Nags Head for years until it was sadly washed into the sea. Fast forward to the point when my wife and I had started our family AND actually had any money for a family vacation. We simply picked up my parent’s rental book that they received each year. Side note – no internet back then, so January 2nd would be the first day you could rent for the next year, and reservations were via phone. My mother would sit by the telephone, redialing until she finally got through.

“So, we rented in Old Nags Head Cove the years that we could afford to make the trip with our own kids. The houses were ok, and the sound-side pool was awesome, at least back then. But as we walked in the evenings, we would see this golf course next door and the lovely houses there. We took a drive through the Villages at Nags Head and picked up rental information just for fun. I don’t remember the actual year here but I am thinking in the range of 12-15 years ago. Back then, rental companies had the “rate” and then a bunch of extra costs (linen packages, admin fees, etc). So when we compared the Village costs that were all-inclusive – including beds made upon arrival – to the actual total from the other company, we realized we could afford it.

“Our first Village house was W11 on the golf course. We have five kids, and I can’t tell you how thrilled we were, and then to have access to the beachside rec center and pool, we were hooked. We weren’t able to come every year but didn’t miss many. The seven of us have grown to 15 with spouses and grandkids. They are scattered from Florida to Tennessee to Pittsburgh. It’s more difficult to get us all to find a date that works. This year found us in Corolla and without the kids from Tennessee but we look forward to our times at the OBX and there’s never a question as to who we rent from.

“I am the director of facilities management at a college in Pennsylvania. I know that running and maintaining buildings is difficult work, and no property is ever perfect. The addition of your app for work orders has been great and we have always been pleased with the level of response to resolve any issue.

“From CW11 we moved on to Lady Bug Lane, then CW06, Moonstruck, Big Chill, Serenity Now (I think), Dare to Dream, a house in South Nags Head, Sandbox III, and September’s trip to Ocean Hill. The next trip, thanks to this certificate, will be just my wife and I for a much-needed break from all the present pressure and uncertainty.

“We have referred a number of families to you. I kind of miss the old system of picking up keys to see people’s faces, not so much that I’d want to stop using the keyless entry.”

We cannot thank the Mumper family enough for entrusting us with their vacation throughout the years. We look forward to welcoming you and your wife back for your next vacation. We hope you have a wonderful stay!

If you are a longtime guest of Village Realty with a similar story and would like to be featured on our blog, please contact us at