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"Front Lines" Essential Employee Vacation Giveaway!

"Front Lines" Essential Employee Vacation Giveaway!

UPDATE - Winner Announced

On behalf of Village Realty, please join us in congratulating Tara A.!  She has been randomly selected as the grand prize winner & will receive a free vacation to the beautiful Outer Banks. Tara was nominated by her husband, here’s what he said in his entry:

“My wife, Tara, graduated from nursing school in December of 2019. She started her Labor and Delivery job soon after. Being a new nurse can be stressful, but being a new nurse during the pandemic adds stressors that many new nurses in the past never dealt with. With all the stressors around her, she stands tall, keeps a smile on her face, and shows up every day she is needed to help deliver love into this world, which is full of uncertainty. We have 3 small children at home, which adds again more stressors to her blooming nursing career. Every day she goes to work she does not know what she is going to bring home to her family. She puts her health in danger for her job every day. She gets yelled at when people know she is a nurse in stores, people have even told her she is a terrorist while wearing a mask to protect others. All these stressors cause strain on every aspect of her being. A vacation would add much-needed life back into her worried, tired veins.”


Thank you to everyone who entered!  We admire all of the hard work & dedication of all of the Front Line Hero, thank you for your service.


Nominate Essential Employees, First Responders, and Healthcare Workers for a Chance to Win a Free Outer Banks Vacation!

Village Realty, a provider of property management services and vacation rentals on the Outer Banks for over 25 years, has announced its “Front Lines” Vacation Giveaway. The giveaway was devised to shed light on the stories of unsung heroes, the essential employees, helping the nation during the Coronavirus pandemic, and giving thanks in the form of a much-needed vacation.

“We wanted to find a way to share the stories of the everyday heroes and remind everyone there’s light at the end of this tunnel.” says Bob Oakes, President of Village Realty. “The world will be ready for a vacation very soon, and it’s the least we can do to reward someone with a bit of relaxation after months of intense pressure dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. The new Outer Banks Netflix series has definitely drawn more attention to our beaches, so we’re ready to welcome visitors as soon as we safely can.” Oakes adds.


More About Front Line Heroes:

Do you have a friend or family member who has been a front line hero as our country has dealt with the novel Coronavirus? To enter, submit a photo or video and tell Village Realty about your front line hero and why they deserve a break for your chance to WIN a FREE Outer Banks Vacation!  This contest is open to any front line heroes and essential workers. Examples include first responders, healthcare workers, grocery store workers, truck drivers, delivery drivers, postal employees, and more. If your friend or loved one is helping society in the face of this pandemic, Village Realty wants to hear about it, share their story, and give one lucky person a FREE vacation to remember. 

About Village Realty:

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