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Fishing on the Outer Banks of NC

Fishing on the Outer Banks of NC

The weather is warming up and the fishermen and lady anglers on the OBX and elsewhere are already watching fishing reports, checking the pier and getting their tackle ready and dreaming of big catches. The Outer Banks is known for outstanding fishing…whether it is from a charter boat, from a pier, in the surf or in the waters of the sound. Before you head out for that annual fishing trip here we wanted to share some quick tips with you that will hopefully find helpful.

Make sure you have a North Carolina Recreational Fishing License!
You need to have one if you will be fishing from your own boat in coastal waters or if you are surf fishing or plan on fishing in the Roanoke Sound, Albemarle Sound or the Currituck Sound.
Most of the area tackle stores sell these licenses and you may also get one online at

If you want to know what is biting and how to catch it, ask the employees at the tackle shop. They know the latest information and are happy to share. You can find out what bait to use and where the fishing are biting.

Check out the fishing piers, Fellow fishermen and lady anglers are usually happy to share their tips with you. You will most likely have to pay a small fee to get on the pier but it is well worth it and the views are outstanding.

Make sure you keep up with local and latest regulations. You can find a copy of NC Recreational Coastal Waters Guide for Sports Fishermen at the piers or bait and tackle shops here on the beach.

Eat what you catch. Teach a youngster how fish. Leave the beach, pier, boat cleaner than you found it. And most of all enjoy the time in the sun with family and friends.