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First Time Nags Head Vacation by a Regular Corolla Visitor

First Time Nags Head Vacation by a Regular Corolla Visitor

Here is a great guest blog post submitted to us by one of our repeat guests, Mariann Henderson. We thank her for the submission and great perspective from her first time trip to Nags Head after many visits to Corolla. One of the most amazing thing about the Outer Banks are the varied experiences you can have from town to town. Enjoy!

Nags Head Through the Eyes of a 9 Time Corolla Visitor:

“My small family has been traveling to the Outer Banks for 10 years now. We have stayed almost exclusively in Corolla, Corolla Light to be exact. This year the prices up north seemed to be higher than I expected and a friend suggested that I try Nags Had. The idea of being able to afford to stay oceanfront was enticing and I decided we would give a try. Nags Head was a pleasant surprise. Here is why:

1) The ease of getting to many activities quickly is amazing.

Within 20 minutes we could be at Bodie Lighthouse, Pea Island, or the Manteo Waterfront.

Bodie Lighthouse was a wonderful place to spend a quiet afternoon. The new marsh observatory platform was very nice and we got to see some wonderful birds, crabs and snakes. Do take bug spray!

Pea Island is a great place to search the shell beds with less people and more wildlife.

The Manteo waterfront is an endless array of activity. We spent a day at the Roanoke Island Festival Park and learned many things about the history of the area with a visit to Elizabeth 2 and the hands on activities that even kept the young adults interested. The museum was surprisingly fun!

We came back a second day to wander the shops and take a tour with Captain Johnny to search for some dolphins. Even if we had not found the dolphins, I think it would have been a wonderful ride for $20.00

Do eat at Poor Richards sandwich shop. They have wonderful food and you can sit right on the waterfront.

2) So many wonderful places to eat within a few miles.

Fish Heads at the Outer Banks Fishing pier for steamed shrimp, Bad Bean Baja Grill in KDH for fabulous fish tacos, burritos and the best vegetarian Quesadilla I have ever eaten! Armstrong’s for some small town service and really good fresh seafood, Kelly’s for small plate tapas, or a full blown meal and the best dessert tray around and finally, Pamlico Jacks for music, great food and wonderful specialty drinks.

Our last meal of the week is always a steamer pot full of great fresh seafood, corn and potatoes. What a treat this year to have it steamed and ready at the arranged time by the friendly family business, Austin Seafood Company. 

3) Oceanfront is the way to go for sunrises!

I have always gotten 2 or 3 sunrises while on our weekly trip. I’m a little lazy about walking down to the oceanfront at 5:30 in the morning. Being steps away or even able to stay on the deck and watch the sun rise was an incredible luxury this year. The shelling and seaglass hunting was pretty good here in front of The Quay Condos.

Nags Head was a perfect choice this year and I would highly recommend it.

So, of course we will be going back to Nags Head next year, right?

Well, no, we will be headed back to Corolla next year. While all of the things I listed above made for a really wonderful vacation,(one I will repeat in 5 years or so) I am really truly in love with Corolla. It’s quiet, less populated; gently sloping beaches are my peaceful place. The ability to ride my bike from the ocean to the sound in 5 minutes or less makes me very happy. The small shops of Timbuck 2, Monterey Plaza, and the Corolla Light Town Center are a perfect way to spend a rainy day. Whalehead Park always provides a perfect sunset and the Currituck Light shines brightly, beckoning me home. At least home in my heart.”

What a great read! Don’t forget, Village Realty can accomodate you no matter where you’d like to vacation on the Outer Banks between Corolla and Nags Head. If you haven’t booked your rental home just yet, head on over to our search page to get started.