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Family Game Night: The Outer Banks Edition

Family Game Night: The Outer Banks Edition

The team at Village Realty wants you to feel connected to the Outer Banks, even when you can’t be here.  To remind you of the places you love and to perhaps help you discover something new, we have created fun Outer Banks themed bingos and quizzes that you can enjoy.  

To enjoy these interactive bingos and quizzes to the fullest, we recommend that you put on your favorite OBX vacation outfit and grab your favorite vacation drink.  After that, find a comfortable place to relax and enjoy filling out our bingos and quizzes. Share them to your Facebook or Instagram stories and challenge your friends by tagging them to do the same!  Who will be the reigning Outer Banks Bingo king or queen in your family? Claim your throne! Don’t forget to tag us in your posts, we always enjoy seeing them.

We hope these bingos and quizzes spark joy and happiness for you, which is really important during these uncertain times we are experiencing.  Although you may not be able to get to the Outer Banks currently, we want you to know that our guests are always at the forefront of our minds.  We look forward to welcoming you back to the Outer Banks with open arms as soon as we are able.

Outer Banks Bingo:

This or that:

Fill In The Blank: