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Doggy Daycare: The Key to an Epic OBX Pet-Friendly Vacay!

Doggy Daycare: The Key to an Epic OBX Pet-Friendly Vacay!

Leaving your furry friend home on vacation can be tough for a pet owner. Many of us come home to find our dogs stressed out and anxious. The good news is that there is a simple solution to prevent this; plan a pet-friendly vacation to the OBX! Our selection of dog-friendly OBX rentals allows you and your furry family member to experience an OBX vacation together. 

Doggie Daycare: A Convenient Option

While on your visit, your special buddy may require additional care or a break from all that beach-time fun in the sun, and whether you’re looking for quiet specialized care in your vacation home or to socialize and make new friends, you may find Doggie Daycare a convenient option! 

Ocean Sands K9 Resort is a standout option, offering various options for pet parents, including in-home care and a pet taxi service. Other reputable facilities include Holistic Pet Shop & School for Dogs, which offers games, healthy snacks, and socializing, and Good Dog Retreat, which provides boarding, daycare, and grooming services. OBX Dog Walker in Kitty Hawk offers reasonable rates and responsible, loving care, including sitting services, walking, and occasional check-ins. With their broad coverage of the Outer Banks, pet parents can be sure that their furry friend will receive the best possible care.

When selecting the right doggie daycare facility, it’s essential to prioritize your comfort level with the chosen establishment. Take the time to converse with the daycare operators, and trust your intuition. Following this approach can provide peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice, as evident by the satisfaction of picking up your furry companion at the end of the day.

Preparing for Your Pet-Friendly Vacation

While preparing for your pet-friendly vacation, there are three things to consider when finding the perfect care facility for your furry friend: 

1. Ensure your dog has all the necessary vaccines and is ready to provide the documentation to the daycare facility.

2. Ensure your dog is comfortable being in a new environment and around new friends, whether human or other dogs.

3. Make an appointment in advance as some facilities may be limited, and services fill up quickly.

Pet-friendly vacations can be a great way to bond with your furry friend. Doggie daycare can provide an excellent solution for additional pet care services while on vacation. With careful consideration and research, pet parents can ensure their furry friends receive the best care and enjoy a fun and safe vacation in the OBX.

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The Outer Banks is an ideal vacation spot. For generations, many families have chosen to vacation in the beautiful OBX. Let us help you browse our selection of Dog-Friendly Outer Banks RentalBook online or with a friendly vacation specialist (855-585-8811) today to ensure you get the best house for your pet-friendly OBX vacation. 

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