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Blue Moon Beach Grill Nags Head Review

Blue Moon Beach Grill Nags Head Review

When hunger strikes on vacation it always pays to know a reliably fantastic place to eat, especially in the middle of summer when wait times can be daunting for groups. If you’re in the Nags Head area, I implore you to give the Blue Moon Beach Grill a try!

My wife and I have been fans of the restaurant for quite some time, so when friends from Pennsylvania came to town this weekend and we found out they’ve never been here, it was a clear-cut choice for a meal out on Saturday!

It didn’t take long for our group of four to be seated, and our waitress promptly welcomed us. She was pleased to hear that half of our group were returning patrons, and gave our friends a nice introduction to the restaurant. We ordered some drinks (I had a Blue Moon, of course) and some fries to share as an appetizer. If you love hand-cut skin-on fries you’re in for a treat! They have ketchup and malt vinegar ready at the table, and cheese dip available to order… sure to please any “connoisseur de frites!”

For our entrees my wife ordered the “Braised Portobello”, which came stuffed with spinach, arugula, and a goat cheese risotto, all topped with a parmesan cheese crisp and over extra veggies. It was absolutely amazing and it’s on all of our list to try next time!

I ordered the special that evening, which was a tuna entree with rare, blackened tuna loin over Asian noodles with a blend of red peppers, green onions, and sesame seeds, drizzled with lime juice. This was equally as fantastic and filling as well!

After such great entrees and the tasty appetizer, we stood no chance to devour a desert (although they looked amazing). We all left happy, full, and our friends have put the Blue Moon Beach Grill on their “list” to stop when they return to the Outer Banks. You should too! You can also visit their sister location, The Blue Water Grill & Raw Bar in the Pirate’s Cove marina in Manteo, NC.

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