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Benefits of Daily Beach Setup Service on the OBX

Benefits of Daily Beach Setup Service on the OBX

Thinking about beach setup services for umbrellas and beach chairs? We don’t blame you! The conveniences of such services are hard to deny, and our friends at Ocean Atlantic Rentals have outlined some of the biggest benefits below.

So, without further ado, just what are the benefits of beach setup service from Ocean Atlantic Rentals?

Your gear is setup early, with every effort to get you great placement on the beach!

If you’ve visited the Outer Banks before, you’ll know that on any given day during peak summer weeks that hundreds of thousands of visitors are on our beautiful stretch of islands. One of the best ways to get your “spot” on the beach is to get up early and set up your equipment (it’s illegal to keep up overnight). Why not take the hassle out of the equation and get service from the pros! You’ll have a team every morning looking out for you and getting you the best spot available without worrying about setup or breakdown!

We use the best gear!

When using professional setup service, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality chairs and umbrellas available. Our commercial umbrellas and oak beach chairs are not disposable junk!  You can also add a beach table or footrests for the most in OBX comfort!

We do the hard work!

Carrying everything to the beach can be a workout; let us get your chairs placed, umbrellas set, and even provide an iced cooler!

You focus on family and fun!

Take your leisurely time and get to the beach when you’re ready, then enjoy! You’ll have nothing to worry about as you spend as much time as you’d like savoring precious time on vacation.

Text message notifications!

We do not over-text, but we do let you know when your gear is ready for use every morning, any weather concerns, and provide contact info for your server.  Need to know where to grab a pizza?  Our staff can recommend that, and more!

Less to carry back home!

You won’t have to rent a trailer or pack your car to the roof with beach chairs and equipment! We ask that you still remove your trash and personal items at the end of your beach time, but you need not mess with sandy, wet gear.  We will remove it and have it ready for you the following morning of your OBX vacation and you aren’t burdened with bulky items for your trip home!

Save Money!

All Village Realty guests get an exclusive discount on services offered by Ocean Atlantic Rentals! Checkout our VIP section for the latest information on how you save extra cash on area activities and services like daily beach setup and equipment rentals when you stay the Village way!