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6 Outer Banks Beach Safety Tips

6 Outer Banks Beach Safety Tips

The Outer Banks is a chain of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina known for its beautiful beaches and clear waters, attracting millions of tourists every year. However, it’s essential to prioritize Outer Banks beach safety to avoid unpredictable and dangerous ocean conditions. To ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation, here are some essential tips for Outer Banks beach safety:

#1 Monitor the Weather 

Weather conditions can change quickly, so checking the forecast before heading to the beach is crucial. You can also receive current beach conditions by texting ‘Join OBXBeachConditions’ to 30890. If you see red flags, swimming is prohibited. Head indoors if thunder roars.

#2 Swim Near a Lifeguard

Swim Near a Lifeguard Never swim alone. Lifeguards stationed at various beach access points and information on the lifeguard stand can provide valuable information about beach conditions.

Lifeguard stations are typically manned from Memorial Day to Labor Day. To find which beach accesses have lifeguard stands, visit the OBX Beach Access website and check the town maps.

#3 Stay Alert

Stay Alert Be aware of hazards in near-shore waters, such as rip currents, submerged objects, sandbar drop-offs, and jellyfish. Keep an eye on family and friends, and avoid letting alcohol impair your judgment. When visiting the beach with children, take turns as the designated “water watcher” and avoid distractions.

#4 Marine Life Encounters

Marine Life Encounters Beachgoers must be aware of their surroundings before entering the water, as oceans and sound waters are home to various marine life, including sharks. Tips to reduce risk include avoiding swimming where people are fishing or near fishing piers, not wearing or taking jewelry and shiny objects into the water, and staying out if you’re bleeding or have open sores.

#5 Sand Safety

Large holes in the sand can be dangerous obstacles for ocean rescue personnel and lifeguards. Sand collapses can occur in shallow holes, so children and adults should avoid digging holes deeper than their knees and fill in any holes after digging.

#6 Know Your Location

Know Your Location In an emergency, every second counts, so pay attention to the street and milepost you access the beach or sound from. This information can help emergency responders identify your location quickly.

By following these Outer Banks beach safety tips, you can enjoy your beach vacation with peace of mind. Remember to prioritize your safety and have fun!

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