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2011 Village Realty Employee of the Year

2011 Village Realty Employee of the Year

One of the very telling things about nominations for employee awards is who does the nominating. Being nominated by people you work directly with as well as those in other departments says a lot. Many times there are two or three nominations for the same person. This years winner received eight. Here are some excerpts from the nominations:

“She makes coming to work a pleasure. She is always here to listen and guide us and always gives 150%.”

“She keeps everyone’s hopes and heads held high”

“She deserves this award because of the long hours and extreme dedication she has shown”

Christine Sawyer has been with Village Realty for five years. During most of that time she excelled as a vacation specialist in the rental department. This spring she accepted a new position as Manger of the Administrative Department at our Guest Operations office in Nags Head. This means she is in charge of the group of people who take and dispatch all of the maintenance calls that come in every day.

It is a very demanding position and Chris clearly led her team through a very busy summer…including a hurricane evacuation and securing of homes…successfully and with glowing reviews from her peers.

Christine Sawyer is the Village Realty Employee of the Year for 2011.