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1921 Silent Film about The Lost Colony on Roanoke Island

1921 Silent Film about The Lost Colony on Roanoke Island

Our 20 year anniversary…Village Realty’s…not me and favorite husbands…is coming up so I have been digging around for some interesting “way back” photos and notes about the OBX. I truly did not know that a silent film was made about the Lost Colony way back in 1921. I do know that Outer Banks locals are very proud of the heritage of Roanoke Island and with good reason. It is beautiful here, lots of history, nice people and good living. Back in 1921 the State Board of Education approved $3,000.00 for the purpose of creating a motion picture about Sir Walter Raleigh’s voyage to Roanoke Island. The Superintendent of the Dare County Schools at that time was Miss Mable Evans and she prepared the script and lobbied for the movie to be filmed on Roanoke Island.

The production cast was made up of of many natives of Roanoke Island and a lot of the costumes were made in local shops and homes. R.C. Evans allowed his hotel in “downtown” Manteo to be used as a workshop. Fabric was dyed there, wigs were tied there. Miss Elizabeth Grimball arrived from New York City to direct the film. The Atlas Film Corporation from Chicago brought in the cameras, equipment and expertise.

This film proved very popular and was shown through the state. North Carolinian’s learned more about the history of Roanoke Island. Silent film…just think!

These photos are part of the Meekins Family Collection and show scenes from the film.

I love finding out all this history about the place I call home.