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11 Q's Locals have for Season 2 of Netflix's Outer Banks

11 Q's Locals have for Season 2 of Netflix's Outer Banks

Last year, the Netflix series Outer Banks took the world by storm. This coming-of-age series was full of drama and adventure, earning a 4 out of 5 stars rating on Google and an 85% among top critics on Rotten Tomatoes. The series follows a group of Outer Banks teenagers as they overcome losing a parent, class issues, friendship, love — this series really has it all! At first, many locals, including the Village Realty Marketing Department, were very skeptical of the series — was it possible to encompass the Outer Banks’ essence into a television series? 

After letting go of specific geographical differences between the real Outer Banks and that of the location of the series, we quickly fell in love with the mystery and intrigue the series had to offer. It became a binge-worthy companion for many locals who live here and many fans of the area who couldn’t visit last year. Anyone who watched the series identified with either a Pogue or a Kook. Whether you were a Pogue or a Kook, we all felt John B.’s pain when he communicated his desire never to give up searching for his missing father. We all held our breath when JJ and John B. searched the hotel room and narrowly missed being seen by the local authorities as they hid. We all gasped with excitement when Kiara finds an envelope in the Redfield tomb containing a map showing the Royal Merchant wreck’s location. Let’s not even mention the fear we felt in the final episodes when Rafe shot Sheriff Peterkin, and the town searched for John B. and Sara — we all mourned the loss of the crew’s ally and really hoped John B. would escape the laundry room he became trapped in. 

As the first season ended, we were ecstatic to hear Netflix had greenlighted a second season. And with word that the second season has wrapped up filming within the last week, the Village Realty Marketing Department got together and developed a list of questions we think should be answered in this next season. They are as followed: 

  1. Will Sarah & John B. survive the storm?
  2. Does Ward’s plane end up in the Bahamas? 
  3. Did Sarah & John B. make it to the Bahamas? 
  4. Will they search for the gold once they get there? 
  5. Will Ward get charged with the murder of John B.’s dad? 
  6. Will Sarah and John B. return to the Outer Banks? 
  7. Will the rest of the Pogues still be together? 
  8. Will John B.’s Mom make an appearance this season?   
  9. Did Pope get the scholarship?   
  10. Who was Sheriff Peterkin working for when she said they were now even, and she would be doing her job from now on?   
  11. What happens to Rafe now that’s he killed Sheriff Peterkin?   


Whether you loved or hated the first season, season 2 of the Outer Banks will be hard to ignore. We can’t wait to see what kind of mischief and adventure John B. and his crew will encounter. 

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