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"I shall but love thee better after death" Part three of the legend of John and Amy Harris of the Outer Banks. ~ A concrete and steel vault is heavy. It takes several strong men to move it about.

"I shall but love thee better after death" part 2. ~ In vain, John Harris's neighbors pleaded with him to come with them to safety on the mainland. Grief and an aching sense of loss were still too much with him. He had not really yet given up on his Amy.

Maslin brought in this book the other day...written by Charles Harry Whedbee and first published in 1966. It contains stories and legends of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I thought it would be fun to share one or two with you.

The all new Jennett's Pier opened in May of 2011 and since then has had thousands of visitors. The pier is now open 24/7 and features a public beach access with parking and a bathhouse. Sounds like this would be a perfect family activity.

About 1000 years ago the barrier islands known now as the Outer Banks were born when the cold Labrador Current and the warm Gulf Stream Current merged. These barrier islands, as well as sandbars and shoals, continue to be reshaped by the powerful action of these currents.

Karen Gregory starts each work day with a breathtaking vista of the sand dunes, an open beach and the shimmering sea.

The Village Realty employee journeys 15 miles on the sand from her home in Carova to the company's Corolla office five days a week.